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12.03.2017 - 23: 04

China and Russia, two mighty rivers wash away the West

Russian and Chinese civilization and geopolitical numb river where grows shallow and dries the once affluent western ocean power.

In China, there legendirovannaya theory of continuity of the great civilizations of Mesopotamia. After all, conventional science believed that the beginning of the history of Mesopotamia (between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates) coincides with the beginning of world history. The first written documents belong to the Sumerians. From this it follows that history in the true sense began in Sumer and may have been created by the Sumerians. The Chinese are projecting these events in their area between the Yellow River and the Yangtze, and its civilization. Something similar can be seen today in relation to the emerging new world order, and possibly civilization began.

March 7 "suddenly" it was publicly announced that the Tramp suddenly and seriously toughened its position towards Russia. The vast majority of Washington's allies in Europe greeted the news with approval and undisguised delight. In an article published in an American newspaperThe Wall Street JournalIt said that the victory of Donald Trump's presidential election has caused concern in Europe and the joy in Russia, but now the attitude of politicians and citizens became palpable change. Why such a change?

The reason is that the Americans - as steering of Western civilization - to see that the two mighty civilization of the river in the face of Russia and China, taking advantage of the confusion about the strategic direction in the US and confusion about this in Europe, have started together and quietly "numb" formed a niche in the global geopolitical hegemony. In addition, there is great reason to believe that "between the rivers" of these two streams, as once in antiquity, is born a new civilization, which will replace the decrepit and, like the Roman Empire times its decline, plunged into infighting West.

What does it mean?

March 8 German national newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung It goes with the article with a screaming headline: "American Policy corroding mistrust and paranoia." March 7 "Voice of America" He unveiled a truly sensational and civilizational significant results of a survey of Americans conducted by the Center for Public Policy Research Associated Press-NORC. According to him, from the 7 10 respondents - regardless of which party they support - believe that the US is losing American identity. Living in the country is fundamentally disagree on almost the entire range of characteristics that are considered to be integral features of America. So, the Republicans are much more likely to indicate a culture rooted in the Christian faith and tradition of the first European immigrants as an important part of American identity, while the Democrats are more likely to observe mixing the history of people from around the world and the asylum tradition of those who hide from persecution .

It is visible and apparent beginning of civilization through. The same split in its time was the forerunner of the fall of the ruler of the world - the Great of Rome.

At the dawn of civilization is the confusion and Europe. Just a few weeks left before key elections in France and the Netherlands, which in many ways will be a prelude to determining the election of German Chancellor. The fact that they will actually be decisive, 8 of March in an interview with the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit said European Commissioner for Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici. According to him, the victory Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election will mean the end of Europe.

In the Old World reigns a crisis of self-identity and split, as in the US, on which the problem of alien civilization refugees imposed as aggravating factors. Added to this is the growing economic differences between the EU and the US.

In the European Union there are active discussions on how to respond to Trump's plans to introduce 20-percent duty on imported goods in the US, according to the German editionSüddeutsche Zeitung. "Differences in the direction of monetary policy in the world's two largest central banks are likely to become even more significant after the next two weeks," - he wrote on March 7 Agency Reuters.


At the same time, Russia and China demonstrate the growing consensus, convergence and consolidation of positions in virtually all of the international agenda.

28-February, Russia and China vetoed a proposed United States, Britain and France on the introduction of the UN resolution on Syria a new package of sanctions because of suspected use of chemical weapons. Our two countries for the sixth time in conjunction blocking anti-Syrian UN resolution (thus supposedly closest ally in the Russian Eurasianism Kazakhstan abstained during the vote).

Russia and China, are actively supporting each other, work in geopolitical polygon with the participation of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Russia quietly and quickly "numb" in Libya. And China does not oppose it in any way. March 2 quietly visited Moscow the head of the Libyan government. "The Kremlin sneaks to a key position in the conflict over this North African state", - writes The Financial Times. "Visit Faiza SarajPrime Minister and Chairman of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Unity in Tripoli, underlines the growing Russian ambitions in the Middle East after its military intervention in Syria turned the tide of the conflict in favor of the regime Assad"- Said in the article.

China also does not oppose the strengthening of Russia's position in Central Asia - the former Soviet republics on the territory of which must pass a significant segment of strategic importance to China's "New Silk Road". This, in particular, says a successful and fruitful visit of Putin on the countries of the region, which ended a few days ago. Judging from the comments of experts, China is sympathetic to our interests in the region and Russia's desire to remain in its key foreign policy and economic partner. Despite the enormous plan of investments in the region's infrastructure in China are aware of the fact that the "soft underbelly" of Russia is very important for her in geostrategic, military, socio-political, economic and logistic aspects. There's so much reciprocity tied it on our economy (first of all - the adjacent Russian regions) and home to a large part of the ethnic Russian. China, with its long-term strategy to promote their interests by means of an ambitious project of "New Silk Road" and the involvement in it of such a giant as Russia, no extra friction (especially acute against the background of excessive earnest competition with us) absolutely do not need. It should be added that the region borders on the troubled Chinese province of Xinjiang, which is active Uighur nationalist movement. And Russia partnership in providing security in the region, China is also very important.

In turn, Russia makes it clear in every way that is ready for broad joint Russian-Chinese activities in the framework of its project for the development of other strategic global communication - the Northern Sea Route. Last year, Russia has become the largest supplier of oil to China, the first time beating on this indicator Saudi Arabia. Deliveries of Russian oil to China in the year 2016 rose in annual terms by almost 25% (!), To the order of 1,05 million barrels per day.

According to estimates of the Russian export center in 2016, China came in first place among Russian exporters of food products, with a share of 10,1%. Egypt (9,2%), on the fourth - - In second place with Turkey, on the third market share of 7,9%, South Korea (7,8%), and closes the top five leaders of Kazakhstan with 7,1%. China in this regard has made a leap, because even in 2013, the country ranks fourth among the largest exporters of food products in Russia.

Last fall, Russia has started the first phase of execution of obligations under the contract with China for the supply of the latest Su 24-35. The cost of the agreement is estimated at no less than 2 billion dollars. The agreement also includes the supply of ground equipment and reserve engines. Contract is protected by a supplementary agreement on the protection of intellectual property, to monitor compliance with which will be specially created Russian-Chinese working group. In 2017-2018 years will transfer the main part of the art and within the framework of another extremely important for both parties to a contract to supply China with our latest anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, becoming only to protect Moscow and other major Russian military and civilian targets. The contract is valued at 1,9 billion dollars. "For Russia, the conclusion of the contract - a major achievement. First of all, we can say that, despite numerous allegations of achieving military and technical independence and even superiority over Russia, China will remain an important buyer of Russian products and technologies for military purposes, "- writes is not the most loyal to Russia Carnegie Moscow Center.

In 2015-2016 years dramatically increased the number of Chinese tourists coming to our country, and today a resident of China is the main source of income of the Russian inbound tourism industry.

As we can see, China expands and deepens the horizons of cooperation with our country in almost all directions. Celestial, unlike the situation with the US and the EU, does not preclude, but on the contrary, increases the most diverse imports from our country. Willing to invest in joint investment projects.

8 March Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi He described the current state of relations with Russia, saying that Beijing is fully confident in them and what they are going through the best moment in history. The strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing is not fastened "because it's convenient," but on the basis of the fundamental interests of both sides, the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

And it is - the truth. Despite the fact that China is still and always makes exclusively on the basis of its vision of the world civilization layouts, the center of which sees itself as one of the fundamental principles of the oldest, currently our fundamental strategic interests are very close.


First, export-oriented economy of China is going through hard times. Her burden became excessive obsolete commodity production, the fall in global demand, the position of the US president's administration with respect to bilateral trade and investment, global currency war and rising queries of its own rich population of large cities, gaining a lot of credits and the inflator so that the inner bubble of debt imbalances.

Outcome sad. According to the State Statistical Bureau of China, GDP growth in China slowed to year 2016 6,7% against 6,9 2015% in the year, which is the worst indicator over the past years 26. This year, China expects GDP growth of 6,5%. Thus, the cooling and the landing of the Chinese economy to continue and accelerate. Minister of Human Resources and Social Security of China Yin Weimin announced March 1 the upcoming reduction in the coming months 500 thousand jobs in the coal and steel industry in the country. As reportsAssociated Press, The statement of the evidence of the ongoing process of large-scale layoffs in China, receiving more and more widespread.

Last year, Beijing announced a reduction in total 1,8 million jobs in coal mining and steel industry. Experts estimate that in 2017, the layoffs have spread also in the cement, aluminum and glass industries, but the reduction is not yet announced.

Thus, Russia is not in vain is considered by Beijing as a possible "magic wand" in the light of any developments. We and the giant promising market for the most different of Chinese products, and raw material storage room, located next door, and a place for liberated export of cheap labor, and a gateway to the Eurasian Union and partner countries abroad, and much more.


We, in turn, more and more convinced that the sanctions it at least for a long time, and for the Crimea - perhaps forever (both in terms of freedom-of Cuba). "Swelling" Ukrainian dignity vylivsheesya in essentially anti-Russian maidan, actively supported by the West in many ways became a kind of civilizational divide between us and aggressive offensive "free world" who crossed the red line. We will never be able to, forgetting everything to go back to a relatively peaceful year 2012. Especially since the West in his back and does not seek.

New economic threats to bears and under construction "Tramplandiya" for us. The Russian Central Bank in December, in his shestidesyatistranichnom Report on monetary policy, has expressed concerns about the overall direction of economic policy trampovskoy. "The increase in foreign trade barriers will also hinder the development of international trade and the world economy and as a result may have a negative impact on external demand for Russian goods and services. Uncertainty remains with regard to the impact of the new economic policy of the USA in the commodity markets ", - the report says. In addition to the threat of falling demand for Russian goods and fever to continue to have major commodity markets the central bank fears for oil prices and exchange rate. "The implementation of the pre-election promises of the removal of restrictions on the production of energy can contribute to the expansion of domestic production in the United States and a corresponding reduction in imports, combined with the strengthening of the dollar will increase the downward pressure on oil prices and, thus, on the ruble exchange rate" - the analysts of the Central Bank wrote .

For all these reasons, China with its allies and partners for us strategically as important as we do for him.


Secondly, due to the mass of the objective reasons for the four giants of the world (US, EU, Russia and China) is becoming closer. In this connection, an increasing number of so-called "bottlenecks" on a wide range of issues of world politics.

And if the United States and its allies in Europe see us and the Chinese direct threat (including value-civilizational) and therefore strengthen military unity and aggressive preparations in the framework of NATO, then what is left to do Russia and China, it does not converge in the answer?

In addition to the threat from the West, we have with China brings one more - from Asia.

"Grouping" Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant "(forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization) for the first time in its history, China has opposed. In the clip, mounted extremists portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping turns into a stream of flame and China threaten shedding "rivers of blood" ", - reports RIA Novosti March 6.

China is also wary of Russia's rapprochement with its age-old geopolitical and economic rival in Asia-Pacific - Japan. And the foundation for this he has. "Five cities, including Nemuro, presented their suggestions aimed at implementing the joint with the Russian business environment on the" Northern Territories "," - writes in March 8 Japanese edition Hokkaido Shimbun.


To summarize, we can say that aggressive arrogance of the West, his desire to teach everyone and everything in the world, and not wanting to learn - ruthlessly suppressed, as a result of its costly civilizational project. He grows shallow and dries the inside, naturally sёzhivayas and external limits. Its blockade, cold and hot war not weakened, but, on the contrary, has only strengthened us and China. It helps to ensure that the two giants, helping each other and combining their efforts on mutually beneficial strategic directions and actively "go numb" in postzapadnye Geostrategic emptiness. And these processes are gaining momentum, because the world abhors a vacuum.

We will not repeat the propaganda slogans of the past, such as "Russian and Chinese - brothers forever." The history of former brothers in the Warsaw Pact and even the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic have convinced us that there are none. West in its "safeguards" Yanukovych and a huge pile of broken promises rude to us (starting with the non-expansion of NATO) also showed a false and rotten essence. Obviously, it was enough to draw the appropriate conclusions about the foreign policy rates and the pooling of interests. In the end, politics - the art of the possible. What is possible, and this policy.

A source: Bell Russia

Author: Vadim Bondar

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