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"Cool specialist in military matters"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided, on the probability that the experts of the newspaper LOOK indicated in February. To the post of ambassador in Washington offered the Deputy Foreign Minister, in the recent past, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov. Diplomat described as a tough negotiator and a man in a pointed non-secular. Experts say the two qualities Antonova, who will be in demand in the new position.

Foreign nominated Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov to the post of Russian ambassador to the United States, said a source familiar with the situation TASS. "A letter was received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs", - he added.

"The Kremlin has denied speculation about a connection dismissal FBI Director James Comey and possible replacement of the Russian ambassador to the United States," - said the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Hearing relevant committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council on the appointment of the Antonov must pass before the end of May. If the candidate is approved by both chambers, Anatoly Antonov will replace Sergei Kislyak in July, after the first personal meeting Vladimira Putina and Donald Trump, to be held on the sidelines of the summit G20 in Hamburg.

Back in February, the political scientist Victor Olevich-Americanist noted in comments the newspaper VIEW, that being Kislyak at the post of Russian ambassador to the United States comes to an end, and "in its place will be assigned a much more tough diplomacy" - Anatoly Antonov.

When administered Kislyak 2008 year, relations between the two countries were much more constructive. But now they are significantly deteriorated, he said then Olevich. "The forthcoming appointment of a new ambassador - a reflection of the situation, which now takes place in the relations between Moscow and Washington" - summed up the expert. However, in February, a source close to the deputy head of the Foreign Ministry has not confirmed the reports about the imminent appointment to Washington.

Talks about changing the ambassador and appointing Antonov began when "in the United States, in the field of national security, there came in fact a military leadership, thinking very specifically, in military terms: Herbert McMaster, Presidential Adviser on National Security, Defense Secretary James Mattis," the political analyst noted in a comment to the newspaper VZGLYAD -American Boris Mezhuyev. According to him, then the main American media pointed out: in order to understand the psychology of many representatives of the new Washington team, you need to be a bit of a man in uniform. Antonov meets this criterion.

A diplomat at the defensive post

Anatoly Antonov in diplomatic work with 1978 year. He held various positions in foreign missions and the central apparatus of the USSR Foreign Ministry, and then Russia. In 2004-2011 years - director of the department for security and disarmament of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Antonova's diplomatic activity was related to defense issues. In particular, the diplomat led our delegations in negotiations with the US on limiting ABM and strategic offensive weapons. Antonov represented Russia at conferences devoted to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and the conventions on the prohibition of chemical and biological weapons.

As mentioned above, in 2011, the Antonov was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense. In this capacity, he was responsible for the military and military-technical cooperation. In February 2015, the Antonov was included in the sanctions list of the EU and Canada, and later - in Ukraine (but, note, not in the sanctions list of the US).

In December of last year Antonov returned to their "home" department, becoming a deputy foreign minister. According to the newspaper VIEW, translating such a significant figure from the Defense Ministry to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow looked like a signal to the outside world: the "diplomatic games" ended. Add at the same time the Foreign Ministry reported that in his new position will oversee Antonov "general issues of military and political security."

Reports on the possible appointment of Antonov's ambassador to Washington, there were just two months after his transfer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Replacing ambassador in Washington was planned, says the honorary head of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council, Dean, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs School of Economics Sergei Karaganov. The position of Deputy Foreign Minister is more suitable for future ambassador, rather than the position of Deputy Minister of Defense, said Karaganov in an interview with the newspaper VIEW.

The United States has always sent experts on military issues

Subjects, which was conducted by Antonov in the Ministry of Defense, - "one that is very much needed in order to properly conduct business with the US", stressed in comments the newspaper VIEW Soviet and Russian diplomat, Permanent Representative of the USSR to the UN in 1986-1990 years Alexander Belonogov. Antonov - "class expert in military affairs", while the United States has always guided the people who knew perfectly military issues, this can be said about the current and previous ambassadors, "he added.

Anatoly Antonov - "very prepared, educated, tactful man, firm in their views," said the source. "At the same time, if one looks hard, it does not mean that, as ambassador, he will lead his line, not taking into account the position of the" center ". He disciplined person and very flexible, "- said the source.

"Issues of military-strategic nature in the center of our relations with the United States, therefore, need an expert who is well versed in them" - summed up Belonogov.

Antonov is known for tough attitude to on arms control issues, including in relation to the US, says political analyst Sergei Karaganov. "With such baggage behind it would be easy to try to build relationships, no one would suspect weakness. I hope that the tough line will help him in the search for a compromise, "- said the expert.

Two important qualities

Firstly, Antonov - "demonstrative unworldly person," says Boris Mezhuev. "It will not build relations with the public opinion, to seek friendship with celebrities" - suggests the expert. Activity Antonov will focus on pragmatic tasks.

In particular, the "security issues - is the main thing, that now connects Russia and the United States, in addition to all the other factors that divide us," he concluded.

Secondly, "it is important that a person of very high rank," stressed Mezhuev, indicating that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs is not the last rank in the department. This suggests that contacts with the United States attaches great importance. So you can count on quality improvement of Russian-American relations, given the status of an ambassador. Mezhuev expressed hope that "this demonstration of high importance to relations with the current US administration is justified and will continue the positive dynamics, which has proved itself in the past few weeks."

"I do not exclude that the new format of relations will be found, in which the former hard-line approach may be changed to a more moderate. I hope that the US administration understands that the old confrontational policies did not pay ", - said the source.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo

Tags: Russian Ambassador, Politics, International Relations, US, Analytics

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