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The concentration of dust in Cyprus is still above the norm

The Ministry of Labor of Cyprus informed 11 February that the concentration of microparticles of PM10 dust in the atmosphere has decreased, but still exceeds the maximum permissible level.

At an allowed concentration of 50 μg per cc. m in the output the amount of dust in the air ranged from 53 to 82 μg per cubic meter. m. The authorities expect a decline in indicators in the coming days, however, it is not necessary to say that in the beginning of the week the air in Cyprus will return to normal.

Recall that 8 February, the Ministry of Labor noted an increase in the concentration of microparticles of dust in the air more than two times.

The latest information about the state of air is available on the website www.airquality.dli.mlsi.gov.cy.

A source: VC

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