Today: January 16 2019
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End of Europe

End of Europe

Tags: The opinions of the EU, Migration, Refugees, Russia, Research, Religion, Islam

Writer and politician Eduard Limonov - the fact that today the war of civilizations has been going on two fronts.

In Russia we prefer to ignore the disastrous invasion of migrants in Europe.

Ignore and Cologne tragedy, pushing it into a "crime scene" section, and dozens of others like her.

Do not want to believe in the tragedy of the girl Lisa, raped and had just killed. Moreover, ignoring the girl on her misfortune happened to be Russian-speaking, and this terrible story is easy to dismiss as a trick.

Prefer not to notice all the unpleasant multiplying the flow of information such as the last case of beating of immigrants of German pensioners in Berlin's subway and uniform war angry migrants in the department of Pas-de-Calais on the approaches to the tunnel under the English Channel. The war that has lasted almost a year.

Get to the point, that, say, Europeans and visitors will get used to each other. Like, can endure-slyubitsya.

Thoughtlessly and ignored the enormous scale of the new migration of peoples, namely the 1 and 200 thousand million. Workers have already penetrated into Europe last year alone. And even more are expected hordes.

To the accompaniment of black news of Russia and yawns, but not only. Moreover, it continues in full promotion of Europe and the European way of life. Professor Yasin, an associate of Gaidar and once a minister in the Yeltsin government, continues to teach the basics of a dying ideology of liberalism at the radio station "Echo of Moscow" in the program "The choice is clear."

Meanwhile, both the Internet and on TV screens, in newspapers we see a real end of Europe. And at the same time and the end of liberalism. (Most likely, the end of ideology and progress.)

Therefore preach European liberalism in Russia as the way in which Russia only and should go - it's a kind of madness.

But what else? To look at Europe with affectionate admiration, while she is dying fast - it's not even confusing, this is Neum, madness, that is no reason.

Neophytes liberalism - Russian liberals too late, with historically huge delay in at least one and a half centuries have joined him at the end of its existence.

Liberalism has already got one foot in the grave, and Mr. Yasin is campaigning for his charms.

Well, our government - the government always prostetski practice. Well inhabitant - so he wants unlimited fun mode All is included. But the professor, and even the Higher School of Economics!

Migrants, the vast majority of them Muslims, help is now of liberalism and Europe, together with liberalism die.

Nothing personal, by coincidence.

Coincidentally, that just in our time, in Islam there is the Reformation.

If the Christian world it took place in the year 1517, here you through about six hundred years (and Islam just under Christianity in the six hundred years) they Reformation is happening today.

Reformation religions need to survive in the new historical conditions.

Of course, the caliphate ( "Islamic state", an organization banned in Russia) so passionaries that any longer. Revolutionary reformism caliphate directed primarily against the secular inherently Islamic states, where on the planet a few dozen. Steeped in riches and sins Islamic monarchies and republics to rebel caliphate no less disgusting than that Luther was Rome.

But just as the Reformation of Christianity with 1517 years, reformist Islamic Revolution of the Caliphate in the wild and aggressive directed generally against all the other nations, and especially against the rich and indifferent Europe, against the Christian "Rome," the eternal enemy of Islam. They have not forgotten the Crusades, and the bodies have wounds from the bombing of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Warriors caliphate if not bodily injury, the spiritual wounds.

Therefore, the Reformation of Islam is accompanied by bloody events.

Why did not we notice how it crept up this trouble?

Europeans and Russia, we have been and remain fascinated by World War II and the universal, we thought most diabolical evil of fascism.

But then came the incomparably far more dangerous Caliphate, which advocates the elimination of religion, cruel and categorical, and we did not understand him, so did not take properly aggressively as terrible enemy.

We just realized that we have to deal with humiliating medieval opponent. And this is true, historically warriors of the Caliphate came out of 1517 years and, to use the term "Roma" in the same sense in which Luther used it, they do not deny the Reformation.

We only realize that they have to deal with some essentially predatory Chimera and at the same time with the state of a new type. With the mutant of several civilizations, skilfully employed the Internet, oil, international disagreements and even the opposition of European parents and children.

At the same time Chimera confronts today disarmed Christianity is not a religion, but the protection of rights dull, dull moralism. Religion always because militancy.

European Christianity has degenerated into a passive homosexual spirit of some kind, while Islam in the new reformed its a revolution is the exception, religion, machismo Chimera.

And radical Islam did not come to live independently, but parasitize-bending of the European civilization.

Robs it of women and children, turning them into slavery, to take away the wealth, property, oil and live in their apartments and villas.

But he is not going to produce anything. He is satisfied with the feast on the ashes and is going to die in the fire of the Apocalypse in the battle with "Rome" with Rome.

So that things really bad.

The war of civilizations has been going on two fronts, and in Syria, Iraq, and Europe.

And in Europe, its prospects look much more ominous.

Eduard Limonov
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