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Congress exposed as a place where everything is for sale

One of the American congressmen by figures disclosed lobbying processes, kickbacks and trading post in the citadel of world democracy - the US Congress. The details are shocking, but corruption at the highest levels is a venerable tradition and steadfast countries of Anglo-Saxon democracy, although for a long time would have led to an acute crisis in other countries.

"Drain the swamp. Washington corruption is even worse than you thought "- so book Congressman Ken Buck, full of colorful details of life management of the Republican Party and the US Congress. Quote about the swamp is taken directly from the speech of the President of Donald Trump. But the farther you get acquainted with the book, painting corruption the main legislative body of the USA, the clearer it becomes that drain this swamp will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

58-year-old Ken Bak is a liberal Colorado, however, is about as conservative outside the system, as does Donald Trump. It is close to "tea Party movement"I oppose abortion, hates" shift to the left of America "and said the United States the main problem of huge public debt. When 2009, Buck decided to run for the Senate from the Republicans, the party leadership did not take him seriously. "Banda underfunded and obscure guys" - the so-called him and his fellow party bosses.

Buck in the primaries for the first time faced with the fact that the later described in his book America as a major political issue: "The main battle we have is not between parties and within the parties." Republican leadership has invested half a million dollars to the main rival Buck - Dzheyn Norton. But he unexpectedly won, albeit by a narrow margin. Republicans spent more 300 thousand. To recount, but push Norton have been unable to.

As a result, Buck did not get to the Senate, lost to the candidate of the Democratic Party, however, harbored a grudge against the leadership of the Republicans, frankly "topivshee" on his intra-party elections.

Congressman from Colorado Ken Bak

In the 2014 year Baku managed to get elected to the House of Representatives. In Congress, he was waiting for a lot of discoveries. For example, the newly-born congressman learned that MPs fall into one or another committee is not because of their qualifications or experience. The only criterion for their selection is that how much money they can collect for his party. The larger the cache, or, to put it delicately, "donations" will bring the leadership of Congressman, the more he will get a warm seat.

All committees are divided into categories - A, B, C, etc. - depending on their profitability. For Category A, which contains the most profitable places are the Appropriations Committee, Energy and Commerce Committee, the methods and means, the Committee on Rules and Financial Services Committee.

To get to the committee a category B or C, newly elected congressman must pay the management of the Republican Party, more precisely, the National Republican Congressional Committee 110 thousand. Dollars per year. When he mastered the committee, its payment increase. A search committee members with experience paying already 450 thousand. dollars. We are talking about members of the Committee. Heading the committee is much more expensive.

Buck led the complete price list of posts in the citadel of world democracy. For something to become the head of the committee of the Congress of category B, you need to pay 875 thousand. Dollars. The same position in Committee A should 1,2 million. Future Parliamentary Assistant Organizer (Deputy Whip) should lay 2,5 million, the future parliamentary organizer (Whip) - 5 million, the majority leader - 10 million, the speaker - 20 million.

All these "donations" most of the congressmen do not take from their pockets. "Many members of the House of Representatives spend more than half of their working hours in fundraising," says Buck. That is, resources are attracted from outside - parliamentarians are sponsored by representatives of corporations who are vitally interested in the activities of the respective committees. So, in 2016, members of the Financial Services Committee received from representatives of the financial sector, realtors and insurers "infusions" for 29 million dollars. In gratitude, congressmen push laws that are beneficial to generous corporations. It becomes clear why the positions on committees are so expensive.

In general, many people know that the US lobbying smoothly and looks - and it's completely legal. However, the devil is in the details is traditionally, and Buck makes the emphasis on the details. For example, in 2013, the pharmacological giant Amgen in the last moment, pushing the law on "fiscal cliff," a two-year moratorium on the state regulation of the prices for the expensive medicine. This item entered in paragraph 632, buried deep in the document and the Congressmen, in a hurry passing the law, generally did not notice him.

Republican Buck expertly debunks the corruption at the top of the GOP. However, there is no reason to believe that the Democrats conduct their business in Washington is fundamentally different. On the soul of the Democratic Party has to significantly lower exposures due to the fact that they are almost nowhere to appear - this party controls the US media even if informally, but tight enough.

However, enthusiasts continue to investigate fraud Clinton Foundation, despite the fact that the most curious investigators regularly and suddenly go into another world.

Here are just a wide public resonance, all these revelations are not, in any case, since they do not sound the name Trump. The book "drain the swamp" went on sale last week. Some media have published excerpts from it. Internet users grumbled in the comments: "We have for a long time no people's power; Only revolutionary war is able to restore justice. " But on the whole country, positioning itself on the world stage as an example of morality, ethics and democracy, not paid to the exposure of the Washington "swamp" special attention.

In almost every country the publication of price-lists have led to a full-scale political crisis. We see, as the fate of the whole of France now depends on whether the legal wife received a salary Fransua Fiyona. Impeachment and arrest over the case of bribes South Korean President Park Geun-hye. In countries with lower rank leaders of corruption charges in general become a pretext for riots and revolutions - we've seen it, and during the "Arab Spring", and Ukraine.

But in the countries of Anglo-Saxon democracy regularly exposing corruption does not lead to visible changes. In this section the testimony bak remind revelatory article British tabloids. They love to send for a purpose reporters at social events where the British Conservative Party members collect donations from bankers and oligarchs. Among those whom the Prime Minister of courting, be sure there is some kind of offensive.

For example, pornobaron David Gold is actively sponsored by David Cameron. British journalists sigh about it, resent the vulgar luxury of fundraising events, but in the end admit that this is the specificity of the oldest democracy, and there is nothing you can not be helped: "Ministers have fun with the bankers, instead of taking care of the working class."

In the end, all go home. Even sparkling memes like the infamous "golden loaf" somehow not coming into being. A population sigh of universal venality, switched to soccer instead demand justice.

Book Ken Buck - a clear proof that in the countries of Anglo-Saxon democracy, corruption (under the beautiful name of lobbying) is one of the pillars of society. Encroach on it seriously would be to destroy the existing control system in which business is closely merged with the authorities and ordinary voter has no place.

But for the satellite countries the topic of corruption is used as an element of external control. Americans abroad are ready to burn the corruption "Tomahawk". At home, they stop it do not see.

A source: LOOK

Author: Victoria Nikiforov

Tags: USA, corruption, power, Analysis, Politics