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Ships and a submarine of the Russian Navy fired cruise missiles at IG facilities in Syria

The ships "Admiral Essen", "Admiral Grigorovich" and the submarine "Krasnodar" of the Russian Navy launched the launch of six cruise missiles Caliber on the objects of the "Islamic State" in Syria. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The launches were carried out from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The submarine "Krasnodar" released cruise missiles from underwater position.

As a result of the naval strike, the command posts, as well as large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition IG in the province of Hama, were destroyed. Then the remnants of fighters and IG objects were destroyed by aerial strikes by Aerospace force bombers.

The commands of Turkey and Israel through the channels of interaction were timely informed of the launches of cruise missiles.

A similar operation was carried out at the end of May. The bombardment of heavy machinery and live force in the area of ​​Palmyra was subjected to shelling.

The "Islamic state" in Russia is included in the list of terrorist organizations whose participation in the activities entails criminal liability.

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