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The Kremlin keeps Erdogan on a short leash

Erdogan is the second time in two months came to Russia. Results of the meeting at the highest level were much more productive talks with Angela Merkel, which took place the day before. Turkey and Syria are concerned once again Syria - and the agreement clearly achieved. But Russia has made a number of important issues. Syrian military campaign brings unexpected results.

"Men's" relationship

On the summits attention of observers cause the smallest details - who stood where, who said what. Biased analysis is subjected to all - facial expressions, tone, body language.

The next visit of the Turkish President to Russia in this regard is of special interest because it was the very next day after the Russian leaders in Sochi talked to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This provided ample material for comparison to all comers - and to compare is what.

In the formal coincidence of a number of organizations with details of the summits it is only emphasized the fundamentally different nature and the nature of relations between the two countries and their leaders.

Merkel and Putin held talks eventually left the impression that the parties speak different languages, from which their differences have brought relations is literally a dead end.

With Erdogan situation is exactly the opposite way. A vivid illustration of the meeting - and, in fact, the Russian-Turkish relations in general - was an episode that set the tone for all negotiations, when Putin joked with casually referring to the Turkish President on "you".

With all the mass of contradictions, conflicts and disputes, Russia and Turkey speak the same language and understand each other. Moreover, his conversion Putin stressed that they can talk with Erdogan in a simple way, "manly" without equivocation and diplomatic tricks, perhaps even resorting to "force" techniques.

This is not friendship. This is normal - one might even say, a healthy - interaction doomed to cooperation geopolitical neighbors and rivals.

At the same time, Putin's "yours" in his address to Erdogan had another obvious implication: the underlining of the hierarchy in which he (and, as a consequence, Russia) dominates in bilateral relations. This was also served by the "hairpin" released by Vladimir Putin in the form of congratulations on the success of the recent constitutional referendum and hope that "gradually the internal political situation will be restored." It looked like a transparent hint that the domestic political situation of the Turkish president is extremely difficult and he should take this factor into account when promoting his foreign policy ambitions, including in Syria.

However, the dominant Russian position was clear and without words. Turkish president during a press conference he said that this was his second visit in two months in Russia. Such density trips first person clearly indicates his interest in Moscow.

main topic

Quoting the Russian proverb Erdogan proved prophetic, especially in its first part.

Russian President in his speech at the press conference had focused on bilateral relations: the removal of trade barriers, the transfer payments to the national currency, the Russian safety of tourists, the construction of "Akkuyu" NPP, etc.

Statement by the Turkish leader was almost entirely devoted to the Syrian crisis. He is so much detail and repeating said on this subject that no doubt remained that she had really "hurt".

At the same time Erdogan's visit to Sochi coincided with "serious progress", according to the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, at the talks in Astana.

At a press conference in Sochi was announced the general opinion, which could come after the three-hour talks between the two leaders. The main was the agreement on the establishment of security zones, which will not work including military aviation.

It is, in fact, a sensational statement, apparently signifying a global deal on Syria, the agreement between Russia, the US and Turkey.

This is indicative coincided with a statement of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who expressed the hope that following talks on Syria in Astana, a document on the establishment of four security zones in the SAR will be signed.

Apparently, about disclosure of this particular agreement mentioned de Mistura, hinted at the coming great news.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin made secure, pointing out that Russian military aircraft will not work in the areas of security, provided that these areas will not be observed any military activity.

The accuracy of the wording

Extremely accurate - to casuistry - rhetoric of the Russian president has caused even some resentment of representatives of Turkey.

Turkish journalist said that Putin, after the last meeting with Erdogan promised visa liberalization for Turkish businessmen and professionals. This is an extremely important issue for the Turkish business, making it repeatedly appears in the Russo-Turkish dialogue. However, over the past week is no change in this matter with the Russian side has not happened.

At voiced veiled rebuke Putin said that "we always speak clearly. Other language we do not happen. "

Well, to the point once again gave a detailed answer, which does not rule out the visa liberalization, but gave no firm commitments.

Like last time.

dry residue

Against the background of the main - in any case, the Turkish leader - Syrian subject in the course of negotiations the following specific agreements were reached:

1. Mutual trade restrictions are lifted. Crucial for Russia is the removal of barriers to the delivery of Russian grain to Turkey.

2. Russia has made exceptions to the preceding paragraph, the prohibition on the supply of Turkish tomatoes, and under an impressive explanation - to protect domestic producers. The embargo will continue for three to five years.

3. For his part, Russian Aviation withdraws its notification of a possible limitation of the Turkish charters in this country, which is the last week of the sword of Damocles hanging over the Turkish holiday season. Judging by the results of the negotiations, it proved to be extremely effective lever of pressure on the Turkish partners.

It seems that the Syrian military campaign began for Moscow is not just a way to return to the international arena as a major geopolitical player.

Russia successfully assimilates the old US strategy, when large geopolitical games are a way to promote the national economy and make the most stubborn, cunning and unpredictable neighbors much more accommodating.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: Turkey, Russia, Erdogan, Putin, International Relations, Politics, Research, Syria, Economy, Middle East

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