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The Kremlin has forced Merkel to arrive in Sochi

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a two year hiatus came to Russia. In Sochi, she held talks with Vladimir Putin. Judging by official rhetoric, no real results have been achieved. Mainly, it seems, were the circumstances that remained behind the scenes. In particular, such a "trifle" as Putin's conversation with Trump immediately after the meeting with the Chancellor.

The last meeting of the leaders of Russia and Germany, as well as the ensuing press conference, apparently wore protocol and formality. Dominated, at least officially, the usual range of topics and perspectives:

Merkel: Sanctions to Russia will be removed after the Minsk agreements.

PUTIN: Donbass of Ukraine is not Russia cut off, and the actions of the Kiev authorities.

MANSION: Alternatives to the Minsk agreements no.

And so to all other issues ranging from bilateral relations to Syria. And, judging by the rhetoric, none of the parties not in the least shifted his position. So the most interesting in this visit Merkel in Russia are much less obvious and the overall context in which the visit took place.

It is extremely revealing in this regard was very schedule communication of national leaders. They gave a brief protocol press conference after a little more than hour-long meeting. But then they went to a business breakfast to continue the dialogue.

The answer is somewhat strange schedule seems simple: to 19.30 Moscow time was assigned a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin Donald Trump.

In such a dense tangle of the most influential world leaders who need to talk to journalists clearly redundant. So Putin and Merkel met their public duties early, thus a free hand in shaping the interaction plot for the rest of the day.

The whole trip format says that Merkel for this meeting was much more important than for Putin.

That she arrived in Russia, not in Moscow and Sochi. The last years of the Sochi residence of the Russian president sharply raised its status. Summit became familiar there. But the status of Sochi as a place of such meetings is still lower in Moscow and several specific.

Usually it is less formal meetings, emphasizing the mutual friendliness leaders. On the other hand, Sochi, if desired, can be used to demonstrate had arrived its place (not earned acceptance in Moscow).

Both variants explanation is unlikely until the end satisfied with the German Chancellor. But it seems that another proposal to meet with Putin was done to her.

However, the fact that the airport in Sochi German Chancellor met the head of the Krasnodar region, that is, the figure stressed the regional level, suggests that the Kremlin sees, rather, the second version of why the meeting is scheduled in here.

For Merkel, the need for a personal meeting with Putin was obviously burned. For this, she broke off its two-year break from trips to Russia. The appearance of certainty with respect to foreign policy Trump running British exit from the EU process of approaching to the most Merkel's election in Germany ... When objectively strong positions in the campaign fierce anti-Russian and pro-immigration policy of recent years creates some problems for the Chancellor that it is desirable corrected in the near future.

In this sense, the really important is the success of the summit of "Big Twenty" in Hamburg, which will be held in early July. Russian assistance to this highly desirable.

At the same time, the visit showed that the West in general and the chancellor of Germany, in particular, simply can not accept that the world has changed and there are increasingly working the new rules of the game. If Putin is completely focused his presentation on the international agenda, Merkel then double-affected Russian domestic issues. First touching the past unauthorized opposition rallies, and then announcing his anxiety about gay rights in Chechnya.

The response from the Russian president was received later and boiled down to one thing: we do not interfere in the affairs of other countries, do not interfere in our affairs. As for the police, the Russian did not use batons and tear gas as its European counterparts.

Vivid metaphor is not even the opposition, but some parallelism positions of Moscow and Berlin can be a memorable date that marked the two leaders during his communication with the press. Merkel has paid great attention to the date of the end of World War II. For Russia, before the Victory Day still a week, and now - the third anniversary of the tragedy at the Odessa House of trade unions.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: Russia, Putin, Merkel, Germany, Politics, International Relations, Research