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Sign of the Cross

Sign of the Cross

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Not only the Cross of the Lord, but also the most sign of the cross is given to us, as circumcision is to the Israelites; By this sign, the faithful differ from the infidels. Reverend John Damascene (113, 323).

Must depict the cross with your right hand. Putting on your forehead three large fingers, say: "in the name of the Father," then, putting your hand in the same kind on your chest, say: "and the Son," putting your hand on your right shoulder, then on your left, say: "and the Holy Spirit" . Having made this holy sign of the cross, conclude with the word "amen." Or, when you are depicting a cross, you can say: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen". Orthodox confession (113, 322).

Every time you protect yourself ... with the (cross) sign, be filled with great boldness and give yourself all in a pleasing sacrifice to God (37, 913).

The cross is a symbol of the Divine gift, a sign of spiritual nobility, a treasure that can not be stolen, a gift that can not be taken away, the foundation of holiness (37, 915).

When you seal yourself with the sign of the cross, imagine the whole meaning of the cross in your thoughts, and you will quench your anger and all the other passions (37, 912).

With great jealousy, we draw a cross on the dwelling, on the walls, on the windows, on the forehead and in the mind. This is a sign of our salvation, the universal freedom and mercy of the Lord. St. John Chrysostom (37, 912).

Since the Cross has become, as it were, the altar of the terrible sacrifice, for the Son of God died on the Cross for the fall of people, then we justly honor the Cross and worship it, and portray it as a sign of the common salvation of all people, so that those who worship the tree of the Cross are freed from the oath of Adam and received the blessing and grace of God for the performance of all virtue. For Christians, the Cross is the greatest glory and power, for all our strength is in the power of Christ crucified on the Cross, and all our glorification and all our glory is in the humility of God, who humbled Himself before that He even had the pleasure of dying among the villains and robbers. For this reason, Christians who believe in Christ signify themselves as a cross not simply, not horribly, not negligently, but with all attention, with fear, with trembling and with extreme reverence. For the image of the Cross shows reconciliation and fellowship, in which a man entered with God. Therefore, demons are afraid of the image of the Cross and do not tolerate seeing the sign of the cross portrayed even in the air, but run away from it immediately, knowing that the Cross is a sign of the fellowship of people with God and that they, demons, as apostates and enemies to God, remote from His Divine persons, do not have more freedom to approach those who are reconciled to God and united with Him ... If it seems that they tempt some Christians, let everyone know that they are fighting those who did not know how to follow the high mystery of the Cross. Those who have understood this mystery and actually experienced the power and power that the Cross has on demons, have also learned that the Cross gives the soul a fortress, strength, meaning and divine wisdom - these with great joy cry out: "And I do not I wish to boast, unless only by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for whom the world is crucified for me, and I for the world (Gal. 6, 14). Reverend Simeon the New Theologian (60, 26).

If you always use the Holy Cross to help yourself, "evil will not happen to you, and the plague will not draw near to your dwelling" (Psalm 90, 10) (113, 326).

Always seal yourself with the Cross, and evil will not touch your spirit (27, 298).

We will designate the life-giving Cross both on the door and on the forehead and on the whole body and arm ourselves with this invincible Christian weapon, the victor of death, the hope of the faithful, the light for the ends of the earth, this weapon opening up paradise, demolishing heresy, asserting faith, great repository and saving praise orthodox (26, 357).

Instead of shield shield yourself with an honest Cross, imprint their members and heart. And do not rely solely on yourselves on the cross of the cross, but in your thoughts, record all your occupation, and your entrance, and your procession at all times, and your own, and your uprising, and your bed, and every ministry ... For This weapon is strong, and no one can ever harm you if you are protected by it. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (27, 298).

When Abba Julian retired from the monastery and became bishop in Bostra, some of the city's inhabitants, haters of Christ, conceived the idea of ​​poisoning him. The bishop took a bowl of poisoned wine and, by inspiration from above, learned about the evil intention and about who it was building. "If you want to poison the humble Iulian, I will drink this wine," he said, and three times crossed the cup in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. After drinking the poison at all, he remained unharmed. Seeing this, the attackers fell before him and asked for his forgiveness. Spiritual Meadow (75, 115-116)

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