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Syria's largest dam on the Euphrates partially destroyed in the fighting

As a result of fighting between the troops of the so-called Democratic Syrian forces and militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic State *" in Syria's largest dam on the Euphrates was partially destroyed, media reported.

Dam "Tabka" holding back the largest reservoir in the country, "El-Assad," the RIA "Novosti" with reference to "al-Mayadin."

Once out of order control point, the power plant stopped working. It is possible that this happened as a result of an air strike. The fighting prevented technicians to begin repair work.

DSS are now four kilometers from the dam, going to clear the IG * from Tabka that open the way to Rakka.

BCA is in no hurry to storm the Euphrates HPP, fearing that terrorists might undermine it, according to "Al-Mayadin."

Recall that in March the Syrian mission to the United Nations has demanded to stop the strikes, which US-led coalition inflicts on dams on the rivers Euphrates and Tigris.

UN in February warned about the threat of catastrophic flooding.

A source: LOOK

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