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Who decided to strangle the victory of Russia in Syria

Who decided to strangle the victory of Russia in Syria

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World powers are beginning a new redistribution of the Middle East.

In just a week, the Russian airbase Khemeymim in Syria experienced two heavy attacks by militants: mortar shelling and attack of drones. The Ministry of Defense is confident that behind this can stand the United States, Turkey and other powers, to which the Russian victories across the throat.

Attack of the drones continues

All new details of the "drones attack" that occurred on 6 January are becoming known: a group of assault drones equipped with bombs tried to undermine the air base of Khmeimim and the naval base in Tartus.

Head of the Department for Construction and Development of the UAV of the General Staff of Russia, Major-General Alexander Novikov told reporters that 13 drones were used that could hardly have been produced in artisanal conditions. They were launched with the help of elastic catapults near the village of Muazar (it is located in the province of Idlib - about fifty kilometers from Russian bases).

And drones could not be controlled from the ground - each of them had a programmable autopilot, which read information from GPS-sensors. Six drones were simply "bewildered": the navigation signal of the GPS satellite was changed, and as a result the drones simply sat at the given points. Three of them with a hard landing exploded.

Another seven drones were destroyed on approach to Russian bases with the help of guns "Pantsir-S".

Alexander Novikov at the briefing said that the UAVs were manufactured using advanced technologies obtained from abroad.

Although outwardly (judging by the photos published in the official tweet of the Defense Ministry), they are more like handmade crafts of model aircraft - radio-controlled aircraft with an internal combustion engine. By the way, Syrian militants have long used drones: in particular, the terrorists of the "Islamic state" * massively sent drones to the positions of the Iraqi army during the siege of Mosul.

General Raymond Thomas, commander of the US Special Operations Command, said at a news conference that on separate days during the battle for Mosul in the air there were simultaneously up to 70 drones.

Drones equipped with bombs, according to the Syrian monitoring center for the observance of human rights, used the militants of the "Islamic state" and during the battle for the city of Al-Suhna near the border of Syria and Iraq in the autumn of last year.

The Legacy of Hitler

The Ministry of Defense has already unequivocally announced that anyone can stand behind the attack on Russian military bases. The first fact is that the area from which the drones were launched is controlled by the "moderate opposition" supported by the Turkish government. The Ministry of Defense has already sent an official complaint to the chief of the General Staff of Turkey, General Hulusi Akar, and the head of the national intelligence, Hakan Fidan.

The fact of the second. The Ministry of Defense disseminated information that for several hours the space between Tartus and Khmeimim during patrols by terrorists was patrolled by the US Navy reconnaissance aircraft Poseidon.

The US military rejected this accusation. "We do not discuss the location of the reconnaissance platforms. Any suggestion that US forces or the [NATO] coalition played a role in the attack on the Russian base is absolutely indifferent and absolutely irresponsible, "said Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankin-Galloway.

Regardless of who is behind the attack on Tartus and Khemeymim, it is obvious that unmanned aerial vehicles are a completely new threat to global security. This is now stated by the Russian Defense Ministry, similar statements were made by the Pentagon even last spring - after a series of drones in the vicinity of Mosul.

It is worth recalling that the first developments in the creation of military drones were still during the Second World War: the Nazis tried to use them. And after seventy years Hitler's place was taken by the demoniacal "preachers" of the false Islam.

In the attack on Khmeimim there is a "Turkish trace"

What is happening in Syria today, the "Free Press" discussed with senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Roshchin.

"SP": - Mikhail Yuryevich, last year ended with victorious statements of the Russian Defense Ministry. And the present began with two attacks on our air base Khmeimim. What do you think, what is the reason for such a sharp deterioration of the situation in Syria?

- I think, not everyone was happy with the successes of the military security services and the Syrian army, so attempts were made to aggravate the situation. It is obvious that in Syria there are still many dissatisfied with President Assad and the regime that formed with him. A reasonable solution to the current situation would be to seek a compromise with the opposition forces, especially since they continue to control significant areas of the country.

It should be borne in mind that the "Islamic state" came to Syria from Iraq. Among the militants there were, in addition, many foreign lansknehts. But the intra-Syrian opposition has remained, and she would like to take part in the post-war settlement. Besides, it would be reasonable for Damascus to meet the Kurds and recognize their right to autonomous self-government, as it was done in Iraq in March of 1970 with the early Saddam Hussein. Then the Syrian government would have a new reliable ally, besides being able to fight well.

"SP": - The Russian side believes that the attacks on Khmeimim can be Saudi Arabia, the United States. Paul was also suspicious of Turkey. However, on the eve of Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leaders of the print media, he said that Turkey is not to blame for anything. Who, in your opinion, is most interested in leveling our victory in Syria?

- Of course, the foreign patrons of the opposition use the mistakes of the Syrian government. But these mistakes, in my opinion, may well be eliminated. An important task of the Syrian government at present is to restore the dilapidated economy, infrastructure, housing stock, etc., that is, the gradual elimination of the consequences of a long civil war. This is what will contribute to the attenuation of the smoldering foci of conflict.

"JV": - But all the same, there will remain the interests of global players who want to destabilize the situation in Syria!

"You are right that the last attacks on our military bases introduce a new element of uncertainty during the war in Syria." After all, before this kind of attacks were not. It is strange for me personally that so far no one has clearly stated about the involvement in these attacks (except for the incomprehensible organization of the so-called "Free Alawites").

I personally have a feeling that here you can see the Turkish track. Events occur near the province of Idlib, which is located mainly in the control zone of Turkey. After the defeat of the "Islamic state" in Syria, it seems that between Turkey on the one hand and Russia and Iran on the other, the differences are again exacerbated. It is no coincidence that the ambassadors of Russia and Iran made a presentation to Ankara recently. Incidentally, some Alawites live in Turkey in the province bordering with Syria. The case of a downed Russian plane [in November 2015 year] seems forgotten, but was it so random?

* "Islamic State" (IGIL) is a terrorist group whose activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 29.12.2014

Anton Chablin
Free Press
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