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The World Cup Cup came to Cyprus

The World Cup Cup came to Cyprus

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On Friday, 16 February, at the airport of Larnaca, a special plane landed, which delivered the World Cup to Cyprus. In the VIP-hall he was greeted by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis. Then the trophy was taken to the main stadium of the country - GSP in Nicosia, where it was waiting for 6000 football fans.

Nowadays, interest in football has grown enormously, the stars are becoming role models for young people, "said Mr. Anastasiadis. - This suggests that the duty of every football player is to inspire positive actions, fair play and noble behavior.

The President noted that the inclusion of Cyprus in the World Cup route is a great honor. 6000 tickets were played among football fans. Those lucky enough to be able to come to the capital's GSP stadium to take a picture with the trophy. The next stop of the cup is Ramallah in Palestine.

The trophy went on a journey around the world in September of 2017. It will be seen by fans of football in 55 countries on six continents. For nine months the cup will overcome 126 thousand kilometers, and then again will be in Russia, where it will be awarded to the new world champion in football 2018 year.

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