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Kurds transfer of the territory in northern Syria under the control of the Syrian army

Apparently, the old differences between the Syrian government and the leadership of "the Syrian democratic forces" are eliminated. "The military council manbij" transfers part of the territory to the west of the city of the Syrian government to create a buffer zone with the Turkish army and the pro-Turkish rebels.

Recently, power operation "Shield Euphrates" (a coalition of Islamist groups under the leadership of Turkey) launched an attack on the Kurdish enclave. Its main objective is to capture the city manbij.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made no secret that he intends to eliminate the so-called "Kurdish threat". He announced that the primary and ultimate goal of the operation is carried out manbij occupation and the expulsion from the territory of the Kurdish militia units YPG, working with Kudistana Working Party, which is declared a terrorist organization by Ankara.

Map of the territory of the Kurdish enclave transferred ATS Sun

Turkish artillery fires on Human Settlements, the controlled formation of a "Syrian Democratic Union." Then send them to the assault by Islamist militants.

The emerging external danger forced the Military Council of Manbage to consider an agreement on cooperation with the Syrian army and to give its units access to the territory of the Kurdish enclave.

In connection with these events, the Council issued the following statement:

"To achieve the purpose of protecting manbij we entered into a new alliance with Russia and protect front line pass to the west of the city, where he continued to attack FSA gangs and" Ahrar al-Sham, "the Syrian government forces."

This region, which is now occupied by the Armed Forces SAR units, will be a buffer zone, which will protect the population of the Kurdish enclave from extermination and genocide. If Erdogan regime will start an offensive against pro-government forces, it will demonstrate a clear act of aggression against a neighboring state. In addition, it will break with Russia.

However, apparently, Ankara can not or will not stop its satellites. For example, another attack, "moderate" insurgents belonging to "Operation Shield Euphrates" forces committed in the areas of Al-NP hid Kabir and Al-Saghir hid was recognized by the Syrian military. Attempts assault made "turkozelenymi" prevented concentrated fire MLRS, resulting in killing several militants.

A source: Free-News

Author: Oleg Solovyov

Tags: Kurds, Syria, Army, Middle East, war in the Middle East, Turkey

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