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18.04.2017 - 07: 35

Latvia timed "fear of Russian ships" to the NATO exercises

Latvia once again complaining about the approaching Russian warships to its borders. In recent years Riga carefully counts such episodes observation of the Russian Navy ships. However, the rhetoric of Baltic republic looks deliberately politicized, if not forget to look at the common geographic map.

The National Armed Forces of Latvia (NAF) announced the approach of Russian warships to its borders. "Two Russian submarines of class" Kilo "identified in 5,5 nautical miles from the territorial waters of Latvia", - reads the message on the official Twitter of the Latvian military department ..

class "Kilo" submarines - is the NATO designation for the two types of Russian diesel submarine - Project 877 "Halibut" and 636 "Warszawianka" project.

The discovery of the submarine allegedly occurred on Sunday, April 16, in the Latvian economic zone - this was stated in the press service of the HBC. In addition, in 20 nautical miles was allegedly seen by a Russian vessel SS-750 class "Chestnut" Support submarine.

Coincidentally or not, but the message of the Latvian military sounded simultaneously with the opening of the NATO exercises Summer Shield, launched in Latvia and Estonia. Soldiers from NATO countries (including the US and Germany), as well as neutral Sweden intend to work artillery support, air defense and intelligence, countering weapons of mass destruction.

Not the first time

The current "approach of ships" - not the first report of Riga about "finding" of our ships and submarines near their maritime border. In September last year "in the Latvian exclusive economic zone in 10 nautical miles from the territorial waters SiS September 3 identified class submarines" Kilo "and" Phenicia "Russian Armed Forces." Note that under the name "Phenicia» (Finik) in NATO classification appear not submarines and Russian survey vessels 872 project.

Then NVS Republic also made a statement that near the border of Latvia in 22 nautical miles was seen corvette class "Parchim" (small anti-submarine ship), and in 23 nautical miles - the submarine.

Earlier, in July 2016, Riga beat the alarm because of the fact that the landing ship "Denis Davydov" class "Dugong" was seen by the country's territorial waters near the Russian Armed Forces. " An even stronger concern hast Latvia in March this year, when 13 miles from the country's territorial waters was the newest patrol ship "Admiral Essen". Then the frigate together with the corvette "savvy" successfully conducted artillery firing at naval targets in the Baltic Sea.

Ministry of Defense of Latvia carefully counts: Russian military planes and ships last year, approaching the border of the Republic 209 times in the year 2015 - 270 more times, and in the year 2014 - 250 over time. The Russian Embassy in Riga at least regularly explains aircraft flights and the movement of the ships are in full compliance with international legal standards.

On the way from Kronstadt to Baltiysk

"Fixing the ships in the exclusive economic zone" - this is not a violation of someone's territorial integrity. "It should be understood that such an international regime" exclusive economic zone ". It does not prevent the passage of warships of all other countries, transport ships and so on. This is not the territorial waters, "- said the newspaper VIEW military expert, retired colonel Viktor Murakhovski.

Russian ships appeared at the Latvian coast - more precisely, are in relative proximity to them - not by virtue of any special interest in the Baltic states.

To understand this, just look at the map. To get from the Leningrad Naval Base (Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Oranienbaum, Priozersk) to the Baltic naval base (Baltic Kaliningrad region), the ships of the Baltic Fleet's hard not to pass by the coast of Estonia and Latvia, and Lithuania. The distance from the Swedish island of Gotland (the "ideal springboard for a rocket attack Russia") to the Latvian Liepaja - no more than 97 180 nautical miles or kilometers. However, Latvia prefers to see not a geographical reality and malice Moscow.

Latvians "come up with a threat to" show off ", he stressed in comments the newspaper VIEW military expert Dmitry Sheremetsky. In this part of the Baltic Sea "we have the right to go as we want," he added. But the Baltic states, focusing on the US and its European allies, can not participate in the creation of the illusion of a Russian threat - as the justification for NATO maneuvers near our borders and for the "neutralization" of our group plans in Kaliningrad.

A source: LOOK

Author: Michael Moshkin Tatiana Shilovskaya

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