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04.05.2017 - 15: 03

Latvians - a proud people, let Russian choke your money!

Latvian journalist Maris Krautmanis Published in Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze ( «Independent Morning Newspaper") venomous article "For that fought for it and ran," which denounced their tribesmen for failing to bring the power of responsible politicians.

Article permeated with irony and sarcasm, it begins: "We, Latvians, proud people. We do not need bread and money, if only we were allowed to be in the forefront of the whole of Europe in the formation of a particularly hostile relationship with Russia. Our Foreign Ministry, as well as our ruling party, take care of it. We had in Jurmala, for example, the song festival "New Wave". But we do not need any "New Wave" - ​​Foreign MinisterEdgar Rinkevichforbidden entry to Latvia three Russian singers, and the festival moved to Sochi, taking with him many millions of money. Let Russian choke your money! We are better to die of hunger, but we will not listen to Russian songs. When the Russian singing, residents of nearby houses were not easy to indulge in a dream. But now they will be able to sleep peacefully. Not tens or hundreds of millions of euros have gone past the nose of Latvia because our ruling people's representatives virtually eliminated trade residence permits in exchange for the purchase of real estate. This property has been actively buying before the critics of the Putin regime, Russian dissidents, but we do not need any Russian - no Putinists or dissidents. We are proud, we do not need the money "- ironically writes Krautmanis.

He recalled that the Germans, Poles and Finns are willing to "weld" on the project "North Stream - 2». "And Latvia could get all some piece, approximately 25 million euros on this project. But we are a proud people. Our government has decided that in any case any of our participation in this project will not be. Ventspils municipality severely threatened and forbidden to participate. Let the Poles and the Germans dragged dragging huge bags of money. We participate in it will not, because we are afraid of Russian spies who could theoretically climb through pipes and be illegally in the Republic of Latvia. For what is intended new tax policy and its reform? It's so easy to understand. If you cancel a solidarity tax, it is intended to ensure that all were equal. Why is the chief airline airBalticMartin GausWhich receives more than one million euros per year, must pay more than Peteris that toiling for the minimum bid in a black body? Let all pay the same - in this solidarity! By lowering the income tax on residents with 23% to 20% will be a small hole in the budget - 470 or 180 million euros, is not precisely known, because the Ministry of Finance did not specifically counted. But it does not matter. Already figured out how to plug this gap. Will increase the excise tax on vodka and diesel. If diesel is more expensive, it will rise and other prices on everything. And if you do not have enough for sealing the gaps, even raise the VAT. In general, there are a variety of possible creativity not only in increasing the existing taxes, but in inventing new ones. For example, a tax on beards as under Peter the Great, the tax on inhalation of air, tax on cycling or sitting on the couch, as well as tax on the coffin, because the taxes have to be inevitable as death "- said Maris Krautmanis.

According to him, the new tax system created in order to successfully inhabitants of Latvia could live better, and the losers, the old, the sick, the weak and the stupid become even poorer. "However, it is logical. For the old and weak left-wing parties act in other countries. But in Latvia such parties or one hour are not in power, because we have left are associated with Marx, the Soviet Union and Russia. A right - it's good. It turns out that the Latvians, who at some point had no luck, there is no other choice but to flee to England, while she had not yet "breksitirovala". And those who stayed here again for the right to vote. "Latvia's Way", "People's Party", "New Era", "Unity" - the Latvian always chose the right. For which he fought, and it has received. But then there is no reason to complain: we always unerringly chose those for whom at least some social responsibility was the last of the priorities for whom the well-being of "money bags" was in the first place. So what do we want? Now Latvia is becoming pustovat. If there are some entrepreneurs who want to open a production, for them not to be labor. Then it will have to import from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Vietnam. This also applies to the right and the liberal policy - free movement of labor and capital, and we will still continue to vote for the right, because the right - "it's good", "- concludes the publicist.

We add that today, 4-May, the country celebrated "Day of Restoration of the Republic of Latvia". In honor of this date, the authorities declared the action "Embrace Latvia", in which along the border of the state planned to plant hundreds of oak trees, symbolizing the "spiritual guardians". "The campaign, in which the entire length of the country's borders to meet the hand and power of the spirit of its inhabitants, aims to strengthen the sense of unity and belonging the Latvian people", - said the Interior Ministry. The organizers of the action "Embrace Latvia" invite citizens to take part in this event, "to honor the memory of their ancestors." Take part in the campaign and mark them planted an oak in a special interactive map can be anyone. Seedling need to take a picture and send photo and coordinates the creators of the map. In order to attract public attention organizers urge to document the process of planting oak, creating images, audio and video clips, and share their experiences on social networks.

A source: EADaily

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