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12.05.2017 - 12: 06

Lavrov and Trump equally hated US media

Reaction to Sergeya Lavrova visit to the United States turned out to be just as absurd as the entire American political life the last few months. US media are angry at Russia, published a photograph of the meeting with Trump, name-calling and the Russian Minister trampistom and scum. The degree of hatred as his own President and the heads of Russia reached there a clinical level.

Sergey Lavrov spoke to Trump just 40 minutes, but the meeting was not invited to the American press. It happens - either a new president or his secretary of state Tillerson not too favor the media.

This is understandable. For their love? Trump methodically poisoned for nearly two years, and the Secretary of State, worked all his life in the oil industry and to address the real issues with real people do not consider it necessary to PR. And most importantly: everything to do with relations with Russia, the very same press did for Trump's so toxic that even calling reporters to survey protocol considered superfluous.

In addition, the refusal of the American press invitation to the Oval Office was also the one not made public, but easily readable aspect. Tillerson month ago at a meeting with Putin in Moscow there was no press at all, neither Russian, nor American. Moreover, with the meeting not a single photograph. Most likely, the personal photographer of the president still did his job, but the Kremlin has decided not to publish the photos. Then this could be explained by the desire of Moscow to show their dissatisfaction with Washington's actions - a few days before arrival Tillerson told Trump launch a missile attack on Syrian military base. And while Moscow warned in advance about this (if not agreed he "suddenly" hit), the residue still remained. In these circumstances, the refusal to publish the photos of the Russian president with the American guest was deliberately demonstrative step.

But now, during the return visit of Lavrov to Washington, the need for a symmetric response, the United States does not seem to have been - and yet there was a scandal with photographs. First, he offended the US press - for the fact that it was not invited. Then, though unofficially, I was offended and the White House - because Russia has published photos from the meeting. However, here we must be very careful - hurt the White House may be a fake, as well as a large part of what the American press writes about Trampe (not to mention Putin already). Source of information about the offense is the television channel CNN, which refers to a high-ranking source in Trump's administration allegedly said that the White House did not expect the Russian authorities will allow the agency TASS published the photos taken in the Oval Office during a meeting Trump and Lavrov. "They tricked us. This is the problem with the Russian - they lie ", - quotes CNN« angry official from the administration. "

It is interesting here is not what Russian photographer Alexander Shcherbak has already said that the pictures did absolutely legally, and that to imagine a situation of fraud by employees Lavrov US presidential administration staff could only very far from diplomacy and protocol people. If the Americans admitted to a meeting of a Russian photographer and one of his (official photographer Trump) never discussed with his aides Lavrov ban on publication of photos, then talk all about. A ban was not - it just wrote an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, quite reasonably questioned the fact of the "indignation":

"Is CNN thinks that anyone would believe that the channel currently has a reliable" sources in the White House? " This is the funniest thing in all this is not a funny story ".

But this is not the limit - "Washington Post" in all seriousnessпишетThat the admission of the Russian photographer in the Oval Office is a threat to national security. After thus Russian intelligence could carry listening devices, masked in the cells and other electronics. Here and former deputy director of the CIA Devid Koen said that the decision to start up the equipment of the Russian photographer in the heart of the White House was wrong, and the assurances of the White House that all the Russian equipment has been thoroughly tested, other experts argue that the standard inspection of visitors may not find modern spy device.

Of course, it was possible to get used to the level of absurdity that accompanies all attempts to discredit Trump through the "Russian connection". But each time, when faced with a new twist fancy American "Trump beaters" striking. It is clear that the reflections that Trump caused damage to US security, met with Lavrov and Kislyak, will leave a deep imprint in the minds of ordinary Americans, but still, as they say, will osadochek. Americans are watching the TV channel, in which they openly say that "these Russian always lie." And they say as if on behalf of the people Trump - that is attributed to the administration that she did not speak.

And the goal is clear. More precisely, the two goals.

First, the continued, although it was not going to work - to discredit the Americans of Trump as a "Russian candidate." The second, connected with it - to block all the features of the US-Russian dialogue. In this sense, the globalist-minded part of the American establishment - in whose hands is the vast majority of US media - is at war both with Trump, and with Putin. Therefore, Lavrov's visit has become so symbolic intersection of two lines of fire. The attack on the Trump and the attack on Russia came together at a time when, in the Oval Office were two goals hitting the globalists: Trump and representative of Putin Lavrov. The first meeting of the new US president and the representative of Russia has caused the closure of the entire propaganda machine.

Hence, such an unprecedentedArticleAs appeared in Politico «Winning Russian dance in the Oval Office," written by Susan Glasser. Paphos article is that if "at the Trump is no clear policy on Russia, the Putin definitely have a clear policy in relation to the United States." The uniqueness of this text is that Lavrov called him a bastard and trampistom and the leaders of the two countries actually put on the same level, one level, the level of enemies. That's just for whom they are the enemies? For supranational powers and elites are equally hated Trump and Putin.

Glasser calls Lavrov "scum" with reference to anonymous American diplomats.

"In recent years I have repeatedly questioned in detail and US officials on Lavrov ... That's what told me in 2013, the Republican John Negroponte, who worked as US representative to the United Nations at a time when Lavrov represented there Russia, and under Bush headed the National Intelligence US: "If he has the moral principles, my Geiger counter they were not recorded . His morality - is the Russian state. " Roughly the same thing I heard on Wednesday by former senior executives from the Obama administration, who told me about his recent meeting with Lavrov.

On a personal note, US diplomats do not like all the polls Lavrov. "He - the absolute scum", - he told me an employee of the Bush administration in an interview to Foreign Policy. But the view of the official Obama, which he made on Wednesday: "He - lousy son of a bitch. He constantly berates and scare others, it is unpleasant and full of sarcasm. His job was to blame, vilify and intimidate us, and Secretary of State Kerry. He constantly sought to have we lost the Russian point of view. It was not about how to defeat America. The fact is that Russia can not win if she would have to go at least to some trade-offs. "

Citing these statements of Lavrov, Glasser Delano wonders - "it was incredible and amazing moments. It was not that the former high-ranking officials speak of the foreign ministers of other countries, even from those with whom the US has a bad attitude. " Indeed, Lavrov, like Putin, is downright hatred of the globalists - but exactly the same hatred causes them and Trump. And in an article in Politico author compares them also in this way:

"As I said a specialist on Russia, and Putin Trump - great masters of the promotion of alternative reality. But if they try to untwist each other? How can you get along with your partner and build a relationship with him working, asks the specialist if their "commitment to the truth is so weak?"

What it says? How would that the two presidents lie - so wants to make it clear to the author, citing the opinion of "expert on Russia." But in fact, this statement characterizes the speaker, that is representative of the American establishment. He believes that Putin Trump and create "alternate reality" - different from the reality that really exists. But it is clear in fact that the globalizers representation exists only "all-conquering doctrine of US global leadership in building a united world" - everything else is fiction. The failure - or rather, complete artificiality of the American concept of a unipolar world, is now already acknowledged by all sane politicians all over the world, including Donald Trump.

And Trump's intention to carry out a realistic, that is not hegemonic foreign policy is just scares his opponents. Especially in the case of coordination actions of Russia and the United States, that is, the transition of our relationship to the format of co-confrontation "ordinary" of the great powers, globalist project will finally become an "alternative reality".


A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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