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Lavrov: Moscow does not accept an absolute liberal Western values

Moscow imposed by the West, post-Christian values, assuming an absolute permissiveness and liberal approaches to life, at odds with the Russian traditions, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The Minister noted that the Western European values, which lead to the Russian example - are not the values ​​that are professed ancestors of Europeans. According to Lavrov, this "something new, already modernized and permissiveness."

The Foreign Minister described the values ​​of "post-Christian", stressing that they are at odds with the values ​​that were passed to Russia from generation to generation, according to TASS.

The Minister considered unseemly to demand from Russia and other countries to accept the new post-Christian values, including an absolute permissiveness and liberal approaches to the life of the individual.

"And in terms of trade in international affairs it is a colossal mistake, unacceptable revaluation of its influence on international relations", - Lavrov said.

A source: LOOK

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