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Le Pen Makron congratulated on his victory in the presidential election

The leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen congratulated on his election victory of his rival, the head of the movement "Forward" Emmanuel Makron, with victory in the French presidential election, and also thanked the voters for it.

"The French have elected a new president of France, voted in favor of the continuation of (former course) I called Mr Macron, to congratulate him on his election." - she said.

"I want to thank 11 million French people who gave me their votes and their trust, as well as supporters, who have supported and accompanied me throughout the presidential campaign. I also want to thank Nikolya Dyupon-Aignan, who supported me, for his courageous choice" - added Le Pen.

She also noted that the "National Front" must be renewed for the parliamentary elections and become a new political force.

Earlier, the French Interior Ministry published the first data on the results of the vote, according to which Le Pen gaining 40,07% of votes Macron - 59,93%. In this case, it is ahead of his opponent in a number of departments in northern France.

A source: RIA News

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