Today: January 18 2019
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Le Temps: the war in Syria is not only not over, but also threatens to become a world

Le Temps: the war in Syria is not only not over, but also threatens to become a world

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The war in Syria, which, it would seem, was already moving towards a peaceful settlement, today risks to turn around at once three different conflicts - between Iran and Israel, Russia and the US, and - most unexpectedly - by America and Turkey. Apparently, even time-tested alliances do not withstand the disagreements that arose during the new stage of the Syrian crisis, believes Luis Lem of Le Temps.

Lately, the risks of aggravation of the situation in Syria have increased significantly, writes Le Temps correspondent Luis Lem.

Someone said that the war in the region is coming to an end. It seemed that with the support of Russia and Iran, the Syrian government was gradually returning the country under control. However, seven years after its inception, the conflict is gaining momentum again. In just one week there was a danger of three different wars with participation including Russia and the United States.

The UN Security Council heard alarming statements about the emergence of "The threats of regional and international confrontation". This is one of the most cruel and dangerous moments since the beginning of the conflict, confirms Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General Staffan de Mistura. As the author of the article emphasizes, in spite of the fact that the Syrian war is limited to one region, in fact, it is approaching the world one.

So, firstly, the recent incident with the Iranian drones destroyed over Israel, played a big role in aggravating the crisis, followed by the downfall of the Israeli F-16 in Syria. Until now Tel Aviv "pretended to be on the sidelines"From the conflict, pinning their hopes on Moscow or Washington, which should influence Iran and Hezbollah,managing"On the Syrian territory. Apparently, from now on Israel is ready "defend alone».

In turn, Iran is already burning with the desire "to take advantage of the fruits of their participation in the Syrian war"- that is, strengthened at local military bases. The Syrian branch of Hezbollah will regroup thousands of fighters who do not submit to national power. And Israel, probably, has already begun to arm the remaining insurgents in southern Syria, which found themselves without support after the US withdrew from the region.

Meanwhile - in the second place - the confrontation between Washington and Moscow is also intensifying. «Kirill Ananyev, Alexey Ladygin, Stanislav Matveyev ... These names appear one after another in the course of the work of independent Russian experts. So how many people were killed last week by American aviation? " - Says Luis Lem. At first, Moscow denied everything, but on Wednesday for the first time recognized the possible death of five "presumably Russian citizens". As the journalist Le Temps notes, these people were entering a large column that entered into battle with the Kurds on the banks of the Euphrates, allied with America.

The main goal of this "the first direct confrontation between the two great powers"Steel gas and oil fields around the city of Deir ez-Zor, the author claims. According to him, the Russian authorities tried "downplay significance"Incident, but they"failed to imperceptibly implement the return of bodies"Home.

Some of the dead - Cossacks, who passed "baptism of fire" in Ukraine. For today, these people are fighting in Syria as mercenaries working for the private military company "Wagner", "whose links with the Russian Ministry of Defense have been confirmed", Emphasizes Lem. At the same time, Moscow denies the connection with these people. However, all these refutations can not get rid of the feeling that "Russia is already at war with the United States", The author of the article asserts.

Finally, the third potential conflict is perhaps the most unexpected. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: "Either our relations with the US will improve, or they will finally deteriorate". From the very beginning of its military operation "Olive Branch" Ankara does not hide that it wants to capture not only the city of Afrin, but also Manbij, a hundred kilometers to the east. Mainly in the course of its offensive, Turkey hopes to stop the advancement of the Kurdish People's Self-Defense Forces, explains Lem. However, in Manbije, Ankara runs the risk of encountering Americans who support the Kurds.

The rapprochement between Turkey and Russia occurred in parallel with the deepening of the split between Ankara and Washington. And now the US fears that Turkey and Russia will begin to increase their pressure on the White House. «It seems that even such a long-standing alliance, which exists within NATO for more than 60 years, is not able to withstand the disagreements that arose today at the new stage of the Syrian war", - the journalist concludes.

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