Today: February 23 2019
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Legitimacy of world sports destroyed

Legitimacy of world sports destroyed

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Legitimacy of world sports destroyed

Elections are often compared with sports. Perhaps the main difference between the elections is the absence of silver and bronze medals, although in some referendum campaigns it is more interesting who takes the silver, since there is no doubt of gold among anyone, including the candidates themselves.

As in sports, it is possible to win elections illegitimately: it is a trivial bribery of voters, "carousels", incorrect counting, administrative or criminal pressure on the electoral committee and other illegal methods. With this in all countries of the world with varying success are fighting - as well as with doping.

But you can win elections formally honest: a strong competitor because of inaccuracies in the documents will refuse to register. Lawyers of a strong competitor will prove that these inaccuracies are unprincipled, and they will restore it - with a delay of several weeks.

And then the Supreme Court will decide that it was impossible to register a strong competitor - and on the voting day it will not be on the lists. And a week after the counting of votes, the Appeals Board of the Supreme Court will overturn this decision. But it will be too late - the train has left, elections have taken place, nobody is going to cancel their results.

Formally, the results of voting will be legal - that is, legal. But they are unlikely to be legitimate - that is, a recognized society at the level of a sense of legitimacy and justice of what is happening.

Many insufficiently wise politicians, fully respecting the legality of their actions, completely forgot about legitimacy. And as a result, they were very surprised when they faced the revolution.

In the modern world, the method of delegitimization is used to overthrow the regime using the "color revolution" method.

"Yes, formally he was elected legally, but we do not believe him" - it is this technology that attempts to delegitimize Trump.

"We do not recognize the results of the elections!" - so coups were arranged in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and so on.

Dozens of "factories of thought" around the world worked to come up with how to prove to citizens of a country that their king was naked, and the father of the nation was not a father at all, but a bitch.

The main problem of a successful coup with delegitimization is not that people die with these "bloodless" technologies. The problem is that the authority as a whole is delegitimized. And either a new coup will not keep you waiting, or people will not give a damn about politics.

In Ukraine so far, everything is going according to the second scenario - the new authorities do not believe, but do not overthrow, because others are the same. In fact, this is the destruction of the state as a living organism. Galvanized corpse, depicting the movement only because of external electrical impulses.

Tired of the long entry and the transition to Ukraine, the reader will probably ask: "What does the Olympians have to do with it?" So exactly the same process was arranged with the world sporting movement.

Russia is one of the leading sports powers in the world. The Olympics in Sochi are one of the most successful winter sports competitions.

They aimed at Russia and Sochi - they covered the whole world. People are far from idiots, as the organizers of the campaign "Russian mean dishonest" seem to be.

First, evidence that doping is used in all countries, not just in Russia - a wagon and a small cart. What are the Norwegian memories of "asthmatics" or American athletes who have received meme, who have received cocaine through a kiss, or through oral sex, or in some other more sophisticated way.

Secondly, no one could prove the existence of the "state doping system" in our country - which was confirmed by the arbitration in Lausanne. Bredni "prick" Rodchenkova - this is the entire evidence base for most of the cases presented. This nonsense is enough for activists from WADA and IOC, but not for trial.

Thirdly, the medals selected from our champions will most likely have to be returned. Because the Swiss Federal Court, which the customers and executors of the anti-Russian campaign so hope, has no right to "amend" the arbitration in Lausanne, which is listed in all IOC documents as the last arbitration instance.

All that the Swiss can do is just return the decision for revision in case of a violation of the procedure. I would like to hope that the procedure in Lausanne was observed.

It turns out, as the hero of one popular TV series said, "oil painting".

The IOC and WADA, allegedly wishing to defeat doping (in fact - Russia), completely undermined their self-confidence, the Olympic Games and the big sport as a whole. What does it look like, besides the effect of the "color revolutions"?

That's right, to fight terror in its American execution. And in places - to visual coincidences, like sweaty cams on the emblems of "Kmara", "Pores" and other "Defense" and "Otporov" are identical.

These same test tubes we already saw in the hands of Colin Powell on the UN platform when he substantiated the need for an invasion of Iraq. And after one hundred percent proved that the test tube was false, there was no chemical weapons in Iraq, it was too late. Saddam hanged, stable (albeit not the most democratic) state - destroyed.

IOC is unlikely to return justified Russian athletes to the Olympics (has the right), but even if it returns - who compensates them for humiliation and damage to reputation, material damage from breaking contracts with sponsors, missed competitions?

The legitimacy of world sports has been destroyed.

Of course, this is the fault of those who organized the doping schemes and applied them. But no one argues that, surrounded by Viktor Yanukovych, there were (and abundantly) corrupt officials, and Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator.

Simply with Yanukovych, Ukraine was a dynamically developing state, and not a galvanized corpse, and under Hussein Iraq was not subjected to regular attacks by terrorists, but was a normal Middle Eastern state with all the inherent cruelty management model. In Saudi Arabia, humanism is no more, but the best friend of the United States in the region.

Russia refused to boycott the Olympics for the same reason that it does not close the borders with Ukraine - out of a sense of responsibility. But it does not change the essence.

Olympic sport must be re-established anew. As well as Ukraine. Like the whole system of international security.

Otherwise, the first, the second, and the third, the farther, the more it will remind not sport, the state and politics, but the struggle of lepers with syphilitics in the mud. Fight without rules and to death.

Anton Krylov
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