Today: March 18 2019
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EU leaders urged Turkey to stop illegal actions in Cyprus and Greece

EU leaders urged Turkey to stop illegal actions in Cyprus and Greece

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Heads of state and government of the European Union, following the summit in Brussels, urged Turkey to urgently stop illegal activities in the waters of Greece, to respect Cyprus's sovereign rights to explore and exploit its natural resources in accordance with European and international law.

EU leaders reminded Ankara of its obligations to "observe international law, and normalize relations with all EU member states, including the Republic of Cyprus," Tass reports.

In addition, "the EU summit expressed extreme concern over the detention of EU citizens in Turkey and urged to resolve all these issues promptly and positively."

Earlier, the Italian company Eni reported that its floating drilling platform Saipem 12000, which was planning to conduct exploratory drilling in the waters of the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, was blocked by Turkish warships.

Recall also in February, Athens threatened to firmly answer Ankara on provocations in the Aegean Sea after in late January, Turkish ships did not allow the Greek coast guard boat and patrol ship to approach the two disputed uninhabited islands of Imia.

As the newspaper VZGLYAD noted, relations between Turkey and Greece remain tense and periodically there are exacerbations.

Olga Nikitina
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