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Limassol stands out among European countries in the number of high-rises

Limassol is actively constructed. Especially popular among developers use high-rise buildings.

After completion of construction works in the second largest city of Cyprus (with a population of about 180 thousand inhabitants), the total height of all high-rise buildings in Limassol will be 1703 meters. This parameter Cypriot city ahead of many European cities. This is the conclusion the authors of the study - the architect-artist Antonis Stylianou and architect Andreas Papallas analyzing the development plan and Limassol prospects compared with other major European cities.

For example, in Berlin (population 3,5 million) total height of all high-rise buildings is 1099 meters, in Beirut (population about 360 thousand inhabitants) - 1285 meters, and in Vienna (population 1,7 million) - 1349 meters.

The lowest high-rise building in Limassol - 50 meters (Icon Residences), and the highest, are expected to become The One Tower, and three high-rise buildings Lanitis Old Mansion, on 170 meters in height.

A source: KP

Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Construction, Real Estate

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