Today: January 17 2019
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Limassol once again faced the problem of medical waste disposal

Limassol once again faced the problem of medical waste disposal

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The municipality of Limassol, 11 May, announced that it again faced a careless attitude to the burial of medical waste in the city. Accident has helped to find that used syringes, droppers and other disposable instruments were sent by the city hospital management to a landfill in ordinary garbage bags.

"This is strictly prohibited," representatives of the municipality stressed, since such medical waste poses a danger not only to the hospital staff, but also to the staff of the waste-recycling plant in Pentacomo, who manually sort the waste received.

Medical waste requires special treatment, storage and disposal. This process is described in detail and is known to the management of each hospital. "A blatant negligence is to put used syringes in ordinary garbage bags," the authorities emphasized.

The municipality of Limassol warns that if the situation recurs, the authorities intend to take all measures to ensure that the responsible persons are punished.

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