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Limassol "Apollo" won the Super Cup of Cyprus

Limassol "Apollo" won the Super Cup of Cyprus

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"Apollo"Became the owner of the Super Cup of Cyprus, having overcomeAPOEL(2: 1). In the starting lineup of Nicosia came the ex-player"Mordovia" и "Anji" Lorenzo Ebesilio. The club from Limassol for the third time in history (and the second year in a row) became the owner of this trophy. Ironically, the record for winning the Super Bowl does not belong to APOEL, but"Omonia"(16).

Super Cup of Cyprus

APOEL - "Apollo" - 1: 2(1: 0)

Goals: Efrem, 9 (1: 0). Yes Silva, 78 (1: 1). Shembri, 87 (1: 2).

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