Today: March 19 2019
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London - to the EU countries about the "response" of Russia: Now hold on!

London - to the EU countries about the "response" of Russia: Now hold on!

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The latest public statement by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson translated the situation in the Russian-British relations to a fundamentally new level. The head of British diplomacy told that the Western powers want friendship with Russia and its people, but for this, in his opinion, there is one condition:

Now the Russian government should change, and it should do it now. And I'm proud that the UK is at the head

After this statement, the situation sharply shifted to the level of political farce. It is obvious to all adequate people that not for Russia, but most likely for the United Kingdom in the person of its special services, or in interaction with the American partners. A member of the European Parliament from Estonia, Jan Toom, testifies to public opinion about the accusations of the Russian Federation in this crime:

At first, everyone was jostling, and then they fell silent somehow. All those who objected were simply mixed with a certain substance, starting with (Labor leader) Jeremy Corbin and ending with the ex-ambassadors of Britain in Uzbekistan and Russia ...

In forensics there is such a thing as the accusation of a victim of a crime by the criminal himself. All this international persecution of Russia by "Western partners" is very similar to another debility talk show, at which the parties, shouting out each other, are looking for the perpetrator of sexual violence.

Boris Johnson resembles a disheveled pedophile who blames the innocent young victim for not giving him the choice, and she herself must apologize to him for bringing a respected person. Theresa May looks like hysterical mother of Boris, who falsely supports his criminal offspring. Donald Trump can match a distant relative of the criminal, who brought a talk shot in the trunk of a car shotgun. European countries are friends and tribesmen of the criminal who are vying for each other in search of his victim for the reasons why she herself provoked him to attack her. The Russian ambassador Antonov could be the victim's uncle, who tries to shame and calls on all those present not to succumb to emotions, to await the verdict of the court. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, like an older brother, is ready all the way to the abuser of the victim right here and now. Little Slovakia is a reasonable aunt-neighbor who does not take part in the general oru and does not take sides before the court makes a final decision.

Finally he turned the "Skripal affair" into a farce, Boris Johnson, advising him to "keep" to countries that fear retribution from the Kremlin.

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