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Lying is the source and cause of eternal death

Lying is the source and cause of eternal death

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Abba Anw said: "Since the time I received Baptism and was christianized, a lie does not come from my mouth." Awa Anw (82, 67).

From the love of human fame lies a lie (82, 184).

Lie let it not come out of your mouth (34, 8).

Teach the language of our God's thanksgiving, prayer and truth, to get rid of lies when it comes out to meet us (34, 91).

Keep yourself from lying, for it casts out the fear of the Lord. Rev. Abba Isaiah (34, 199).

Is it necessary to lie, meaning something useful? This is not allowed by what the Lord said, who resolutely says that it is a lie from the devil (John 8, 44), without indicating any difference in lies. St. Basil the Great (8, 213).

A lying daring heart ... he eagerly hears the secrets and easily discovers them; he knows how to downcast his tongue and those who stand firmly in goodness (25, 20).

Evil and miserable is he who stumbles in lies, because the devil is a "liar and father of lies" (John 8, 44). Whoever bothers in lying, he has no boldness, because he is hateful to God and to people (25, 20).

A lying man does not deserve approval in any matter and in any answer is suspicious (25, 20).

There is no ulcer deeper than this, there is no shame higher than this. A liar is foul to everyone and ridiculous. So be careful not to lie (25, 20).

The devil involves us in cunning, so that a man justifies himself when guilty, excuses himself in sin and lawlessness, and with an excuse and guilt he aggravated his distress (29, 306).

The devil teaches us the resourcefulness of the word, so that when asked, do not tell us your guilt and, in making a sin, turn around and justify yourself. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (29, 307).

Lying is the infamous dishonor of a person. Avoid the charge caused by lies. Do not make yourself in the eyes of a friend not trustworthy, so as not to find distrust in yourself even when you say the truth. The one who turned out to be a liar in one is no longer worth believing, even if he is telling the truth (36, 925).

As a combustible substance from home, remove lies from your lips (39, 610).

There is nothing more powerless than lies, even if it is covered by innumerable covers (42, 184).

Falsehood always reveals itself by what it thinks to damage the truth, and yet the truth reveals more clearly (42, 378).

Lying is the destruction of love. St. John Chrysostom (46, 965).

The weaving lie is apologized with good intentions, and what really is the death of the soul, he considers to be the right thing (57, 102).

Whoever has gained the fear of God, he has escaped from lying, having in himself an unbiased judge - his conscience (57, 102).

When we are completely clean from lies, then already, if it happens, and need requires, and then not without fear, we can use it. Rev. John the Ladder (57, 102).

We need a lot of attention so that we do not get stuck in lies; for a liar has no fellowship with God. The lie alienates from God (58, 106).

Mentally lies the one who accepts for his own assumptions, that is, empty suspicions of the neighbor (58, 106).

As every sin occurs either from lust or from money-love, or from popularity, so lies from these three reasons. A person lies either in order not to reproach himself and not to put up, or to fulfill his desire, or for the sake of acquiring and does not cease to dodge and contrive in words until he fulfills his desire. Such a person is never believed, even if he said the truth, no one trusts him, and the very truth of it seems incredible (58, 111).

Sometimes it happens that there is an extreme need to hide the small; and if one does not hide the small, then the work brings great embarrassment and sorrow. When such an extreme meets and sees someone else in such need, it can therefore break the word so that there will not be more embarrassment and grief or resentment. But when such a great need arises to evade the word of truth, then even then one should not remain carefree, but repent and weep before God, and consider such a case a time of temptation. And such evasion should not be dealt with often, but is it sometimes from many cases (58, 112).

The one who, while being a fornicator, pretends to be abstinent, lies either in his life, or, being self-seeking, speaks of charity and praises mercy, or, being haughty, marvels at humility. And not because of virtue is surprised that he wants to praise her, for if he had spoken to this thought, he would at first with humility confess his infirmity, saying: "Woe to me, wretched, I have become alien to all good", and then, in the knowledge of his infirmity, he would praise virtue and be surprised at it. And again he does not praise virtue for that purpose, so as not to tempt the other, for he would have to (in that case) think: "I truly am repented and passionate, but why should I seduce others? Why harm the soul of another and impose a different weight on yourself? ". And then, even though he sinned, he would touch on the good, for judging oneself is a matter of humility, and to spare one's neighbor is a matter of mercy. But the liar does not marvel at virtue for any of the reasons mentioned, but he abducts the name of virtue or to cover his shame and talk about it, as if he himself is quite the same, or often in order to hurt someone and seduce him (58, 112).

We will avoid lying to get rid of the evil one's fate, and try to learn the truth in order to have unity with God who said: "I am the way and the truth" (John 14, 6). Reverend Abba Dorotheus (58, 114).

Then the Jews attempted to eclipse the Resurrection of Christ with a mild fog of lies: "the disciples were stolen." This insignificance was easily overcome, and the truth triumphed. But the enemy still does not cease to chant before the sun of the Resurrection, wishing to eclipse him. Let no one hesitate! From the father of lies, what to expect, except lies? He taught many of his bookmasters whole books to write against the Resurrection. This book fog books and scattered. Do not take a thin book - and not become clouded, and it will happen to accidentally attack this - take a good book in the antidote and refresh your head and chest. There is another fog from the enemy - in thoughts. But this one will immediately be scattered, like smoke from the wind, from a sound Christian reasoning. Go through reasoning all that has happened and you will see clearly as a day, that all this could not be accomplished except by the power of the Resurrection of Christ. This belief will be for you then a stronghold, established on which you will easily reflect and defeat the enemies of truth. Bishop Theophan the Recluse (107, 101-102).

Let the fiction of disloyalty swear away from us! But in order for it to be more accurately removed, hit it like an arrow with the formidable word of God: "The Lord will not punish him who utters His name in vain" (Ex. 20, 7). If the Lord does not leave His name without punishment, without reason, without reason, what is to be expected of those who, by swearing God's word, would use the name of God unintentionally, sacrilegiously, to cover His uncleanness of infidelity with His holiness? "You will destroy those who speak lies" (Psalm 5, 7), but will not you destroy others first, Lord, who speak lies before your name and lie before your face like Ananias and Sapphira, not to men, but to You, God? The apostle Peter reproved Ananias with these words: "You did not lie to Men, but to God", "when Ananias heard these words, he fell lifeless." And then Saphira, after such a reproof, suddenly "fell at his feet and gave up the spirit" (Acts 5, 4-5; 10). This example and many examples outside of the sacred history show that lying before the name of God and in the presence of God is a false oath, as if impatiently celestial justice leads and attracts menacing and sudden blows of fate. Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow (114, 207-208).

We see that different lies happen in the world. The merchant lies when he says that the goods of his such-and-such a price are worth, and this is not so. The witness lies in court when he says something he has not seen or heard, or does not say what he saw and heard, and black calls white, and bitter - sweet ... An employee who, having taken a worthy price, promised to work hard hired him, but works lazily or does not work at all. The debtor who takes the money lies and promises to give, but does not give ... The shepherd lies, who promises and swears to herd the flock of Christ's sheep, but does not graze or neglectfully graze them. So, a Christian who lies in the Baptism of the Holy promises to work for Christ the Lord is lying, but does not work. Such is everyone who, according to Holy Baptism, is lawless and clings to the vanity of this world.Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 913).

Our forefathers were deceived, that is, they recognized the truth as a lie, and, having accepted a lie under the guise of the truth, incurably injured themselves with a deadly sin ... (108, 231).

Pretty is the assimilation by a man of a lie, accepted by him for the truth (108, 231).

The opinion is made up of false concepts and false sensations, according to this property, it fully belongs to the domain of the father and representative of the lie - the devil (108, 247-248).

In the false thought of the mind there is already the whole building of charm, as in the grain there is that plant that must germinate if it is planted in the ground (109, 203).

Lying is the source and cause of eternal death. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (111, 208).

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