Today: January 21 2019
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Lukashenko promised to strike first in the event of war with NATO

Lukashenko promised to strike first in the event of war with NATO

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Belarus "without the hubbub and noise," prepare for a possible military confrontation with the West.

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko promised in the event of armed conflict, the alliance with Russia to immediately send troops into battle Belarus as mean defense agreements between Minsk and Moscow.

"Russians often say that new contingents of NATO are deploying at the borders of Russia. It should be emphasized that, first of all - at our borders, Belarusian borders. We see this and take adequate measures without noise. We have a joint force grouping in the west, which ensures the security of our fatherland - Belarus and Russia. And at the heart of this group are parts of the Belarusian army. In the event of a conflict, they are the first to engage in the fight and for a short time the parts concentrated in the west of the Russian Federation are being pulled here, "the state news agency BelTA quoted the head of state.

Lukashenko stressed that Belarus "has always been the initiator of integration processes in the post-Soviet space", and foreign policies should not forget its close ties with Russia.

"We do not hide it from our western colleagues not that, not that of partners, not rivals. They are well aware of our arrangement with Russia ", - he said.

Recently Alexander Lukashenko holds multidirectional policy maneuvering between the interests of the US, Europe and Russia, and at the same time making loud statements sometimes controversial nature. As recently as April, he promised to provide Belarusians in the country's security, peace and quiet, adding that Minsk is not going to war with anyone. However, at the same time, he noted that the country's army is ready to repel any attack.

At the same time the Belarusian leader called mad people, pushing the world into a new global war, and said the threat to peace, which he observes in the international arena.

Sergey Bolotov
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