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Lukashenko: Belarus will support any religion that promotes peace

In Belarus, will be supported by those religions that promote peace and stability in the country, he said on Friday in Minsk, President Alexander Lukashenko.

"If religion is peace, order in the country, stability, we will only support such a religion" - leads the state news agency Belta words Lukashenko at the meeting with the Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Claudio Gugerotti on the occasion of completion of his diplomatic mission in the country. Gugerotti appointed head of the Vatican's diplomatic mission in Ukraine.

The Belarusian leader stressed that he respects and Catholics and Orthodox, and Muslims, who live in Belarus, all of faith and religion, if they are not used for the purpose of terrorism and destabilization of the situation.

Lukashenko also assured that Belarus will continue its policy of establishing close relations with the Vatican. "I want to assure you that we have from this policy did not move away. If someone out there thought that Lukashenko's position changes with regard to Catholics, the Catholic Church and the Vatican, it is absolutely wrong ... We do not have flirted with either Catholics or the Orthodox, nor with others. We have conducted an honest, sincere policy ", - he said.

He added that every citizen of Belarus has the right to choose their religion and "will determine which way and to what temple to go to him." "Choose any (religion - Ed.), We will never be this way. You do not want to go to church - do not go. We did drive the church will not. The man himself has to decide" - he said.

A source: RIA News

Author: Nina Gurina

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