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"God is love" (1in 4, 8)

How, being hidden. Do you see and preserve everything? As, we are not visible. Do you see us all? But you, O my God, will not know all whom you see, but loving, you will only know those who love you, and only you can manifest yourself to them. Being the Sun, hidden for every mortal nature. You rise in Your slaves, see them being, and they arise in Thee, formerly overshadowed: fornicators, adulterers, debauches, sinners, publicans. Through repentance they become the sons of your Divine Light. After all, Light, of course, gives birth to light, therefore they are also made light, the children of God, as it is written (Ps. 81, 6), and the gods by grace - those who renounce the vain and deceitful world, hate without hatred their parents and brothers, considering themselves wanderers and strangers in life; Those who deprive themselves of wealth and property, completely rejecting the addiction to them; Those who, for the sake of the glory of heaven, are upset with an empty glory and human praise; Those who cut off their will and became for the shepherds, as it were, without malicious sheep; those who became dead bodies to every evil deed, working sweat to cultivate virtues and guided in life only by the will of the helmsman, through obedience dying and again reviving; Those who, thanks to the fear of God and the memory of the mortal, shed tears all the days and nights and cleverly fall at the feet of the Master, asking for mercy and for the forgiveness of sins. Such through every doing of good come to a good state and, as they cry day by day and assiduously, attract mercy to themselves. With frequent prayers, unspoken sighs and tears, they purify the soul and, seeing its purification, perceive the fire of love and the fire of desire - to see it completely purified. But since they can not find the end of the Light, the purification of them is endless. For no matter how much I am cleansed and illumined, pitiable, no matter how much I see the Holy Spirit cleansing me, it will always seem to me that this is only the beginning of purification and vision, because in infinite depth and in immeasurable height, who can find the middle or the end? I know that there are a lot of Light, but how many - I do not know. Strongly wanting more and more, I constantly sigh about the fact that I have received little (although it seems to me a lot) in comparison with what I guess is far from me, what I crave, seeing, and I think that nothing I do not have, because I do not feel the wealth given to me, although I see the Sun, but I do not consider it to be so. What is this image? - Listen and believe. What I see is the Sun, Which is inexpressibly pleasing to the senses; It draws the soul to the unspeakable and divine Love. The soul, seeing Him, ignites and burns with love, desiring to completely have within itself what is it, but can not and therefore is sad and does not consider it good to see and feel Him. When the Visible is untenable to me, as truly unapproachable, I am pleased to pardon my contrite and humble soul, then how He sees me, shining before my face, the same shining becomes He sees in me, all fulfilling me, humble, all joy, every desire and divine sweetness. This is a sudden transformation and a wonderful change, and unspeakable words are what is happening in me. After all, if anyone saw that this sun visible to all has descended into his heart and everything has settled into him, and just as it would be, he would not have died from a miracle and would not have become mute, and would not everyone, who saw this? If anyone sees the Creator of the sun, like the light shining within him, acting and speaking, how can he not be astonished and shudder from such a vision? How will not he love his Life-Giver? People like people like themselves when they seem to them somewhat better than others; But the Creator of all, one immortal and omnipotent, who, seeing Him, will not love? If many believe in hearing, love Him, and the saints even died for Him, and yet they are alive, then the visions of His and Light that He has become aware, and who have known Him, how they will not love Him? Tell me, how for His sake will not incessantly cry? How can they not despise the world and what is in the world? How can they not renounce all honor and glory, those who, above all glory and earthly honor and having loved the Lord, have found Him Who is outside the earth and everything visible, He Who created all things visible and invisible, and received immortal Glory, having Is it all good without lack? Also, any absolution of sins and every desire for eternal blessings and things of the divine, like a certain wealth, they drew from the same ever-living source, abundantly sated which Dai and us, Vladyka, and all those who seek and ardently love You, That we also with the saints Yours have enjoyed eternal benefits for ever and ever. Amen (59, 41-43).

Who can, Vladyka, tell about You?

The uninformed You are mistaken, without knowing anything at all;

Those who know your faith, your Godhead

They are possessed by great fear and are terrified of trembling,

Not knowing what to say to them about You, for You are beyond the mind,

And everything in You is inexhaustible and inconceivable:

Things and Thy Glory, and Thy knowledge.

We know that You are God, and We see Your Light,

But what kind of person are you and what kind of thing, this is something that no one really knows.

However, we have hope, we have faith

And we know that Love that You have given us,

Infinite, indescribable, in no way incompatible,

Which is Light,

The light is impregnable and everything is done.

He is called by Thy hand, then by the eye,

Then with holy mouths, then with power, then with glory,

That is known as a beautiful face.

He is the sun that is not necessary for the high in the knowledge of the Divine,

He is a star, eternally shining for those,

Which can not contain anything more.

He is the opposite of sadness, drives dislikes

And completely destroys the satanic envy.

In the beginning He softens and, purifying, refining,

It overtakes thoughts and reduces movements.

He secretly teaches to humble himself

And it does not allow you to scatter and stagger.

On the other hand. He clearly separates from the world

And makes you forget all the sorrow in life.

He feeds and quenches thirst in various ways,

And gives strength to the well-to-do.

He extinguishes the irritation and sadness of the heart,

Completely not allowing anger or resentment.

When He runs away, those wounded by Him chase Him

And they seek Him with great love from the heart.

When He returns, He appears, and shines in love with mankind,

That inspires the persecuted to shy away from Him and humble themselves

And, being repeatedly sought, it prompts you to move away from fear

How unworthy is such a good that transcends every creature.

O ineffable and inconceivable Gift!

For what only He does and what does not happen!

He is pleasure and joy, meekness and peace,

Mercy is unlimited, an abyss of benevolence.

It appears invisibly, fits in unbelievably

And it is in my mind that it is inviolable and intangible.

Having Him, I do not contemplate, while contemplating until He left,

I strive to grab Him quickly, but He flies away.

Puzzled and inflamed, I learn to ask

And to seek Him with weeping and great humility

And do not think that the supernatural is possible

For my strength or the efforts of the human,

But-for the goodness of God and boundless mercy.

Being for a short time and hiding. is he

One after another drives the passions from the heart.

For man can not overcome passion,

If He does not come to help;

And again, not all at once cast out,

For it is impossible to immediately grasp the whole Spirit

To the person sincere and become impassive.

But when he does everything he can:

Unbearing, impartiality, distance from one's own,

Cutting off the will and renouncing the world,

The patience of temptations, prayer and weeping,

Poverty and humility, as far as his strength is,

Then for a brief time, as it were, the subtle and the least Light,

Suddenly, surrounding his mind, he will delight in frenzy,

But, so that he does not die, he will soon leave him

With such great rapidity that no one can imagine,

Neither to remember the beauty of Light is impossible to see,

That, being an infant, he did not eat the food of husbands committed

And immediately did not dissolve or did not receive any harm by spoiling it.

So, from then on, the Light guides, strengthens and teaches;

When we need Him,

He shows up and runs away;

Not when we desire, for this is a work of perfect,

But, when we are in difficulty and completely powerless,

He comes to the rescue, rising from afar,

And makes me feel in my heart,

Struck, panting, I want to hold Him.

But around all-night. With empty and miserable hands,

Forgetting everything, I sit and cry,

Not hoping another time to see Him in the same way.

When, after much crying, I want to stop,

Then, coming, mysteriously touches my crown,

I burst into tears, not knowing who it is;

And then He illuminates my mind with the sweetest Light.

When will I know. Who is it. He immediately flies away,

Leaving in me the fire of divine love for Myself,

Which does not allow you to laugh or look at people,

Do not take the desire of anything from the visible.

Little by little, through patience, it flares up and swells,

Making a great flame, reaching Heaven.

It is extinguished by relaxation and entertainment by domestic cares,

For in the beginning there is also concern for the worldly;

Silence and hatred of all glories return

Wandering on the ground and trampling yourself like manure,

For by this He is delighted and then he is pleased to be present,

Teaching this omnipotent humility.

So, when I grind it and become humble,

Then He is inseparable with me:

He talks to me, enlightens me,

He looks at me, and I look at Him.

He is in my heart, and He is in heaven.

He explains to me the Scriptures and multiplies knowledge in me,

He teaches me the mysteries that I can not utter.

He shows how He delighted me from the world,

And he commands me to be merciful to all who are in the world.

So, I have walls and keeps the body,

But I truly, do not doubt, I am outside of them.

I do not feel any sounds and do not hear voices.

I'm not afraid of death, for I surpassed it.

I do not know what grief is, although all make me sad.

Treats are bitter for me, all passions run from me

And I always see the Light night and day,

The day for me is night and night is the day.

I do not want to sleep, because it's a loss for me.

When I am surrounded by all sorts of troubles

And, it would seem, they will overthrow and overcome me;

Then I, suddenly finding myself with the Light outside of everything

Joyful and sad, and worldly pleasures,

I enjoy ineffable and Divine joy,

I am pleased with His beauty, I often embrace Him,

I kiss and worship, giving great thanks

To those who gave me the opportunity to see what I wanted,

And to partake of the unspeakable Light and become a light,

And the gift of his joining,

And to gain the Giver of all blessings,

And to be not deprived of spiritual gifts.

Who attracted and directed me to these benefits?

Who raised me from the depths of worldly charm?

Who separated me from my father and brotherhood, friends

And the relatives, pleasures and joys of the world?

Who showed me the way of repentance and weeping,

By which I found a day with no end?

It was an angel, not a man. However, such a person,

Who chuckles over the world and tramples the dragon,

The presence of which the demons tremble.

As I tell you, brother, about what I saw in Egypt,

About his miracles and signs?

I'll tell you one thing for now, because I can not tell everything.

He came down and found me a slave and a stranger in Egypt.

Come here, my child, he said, I will lead you to God.

I answered him with great disbelief:

What a sign you will show me to assure me,

That you yourself can free me from Egypt

And to plunder from the hands of a flattering pharaoh,

That, after following you, I was not even more in danger?

Kindle, he said, a great fire so that I can enter the middle,

And if I do not remain uninfluenced, then do not follow me.

These words amazed me. I did what was ordered.

The flames were kindled, and he himself stood in the middle.

Unharmed, he invited me.

I'm afraid, Vladyka, I said, for I am a sinner.

Coming out of the fire, he came to me and kissed me.

Why are you afraid, he told me, why are you shy and tremble?

Great and scary is this a miracle? - you'll see more of this.

I'm terrified, sir, I said, and I dare not approach you,

Not wanting to be more defiant than fire,

For I see that you are a man superior to man,

And I dare not look at you, whose fire is ashamed.

He drew me closer and embraced me

And again he kissed me with a kiss of the saints,

He himself smells all the fragrance of immortality.

After that I believed and followed him lovingly,

Wishing to become the slave of his one.

Pharaoh held me in his power. and the terrible preceptors of his

Forcing me to take care of bricks and straw,

I alone could not escape, since I did not have any weapons.

Moses prayed to God to help

Christ strikes Egypt with decadal sores.

But Pharaoh did not submit and did not set me free.

Praying father, and God humbles him And says to his servant that he take my hand,

Promising Himself to go along with us;

To deliver me from Pharaoh and from the plagues of Egypt.

He put boldness into my heart

And he gave me the courage not to be afraid of Pharaoh.

So did the servant of God:

Holding my hand, he walked ahead of me,

And so we started to make a journey.

Give me. Lord, through the prayers of my father, understanding

And the word to tell about the wonderful works of Your hand,

Which thou hast done for me, the erring and the prodigal,

With the hand of Thy servant, I was driven out of Egypt.

Upon learning of my retirement, the king of Egypt

He neglected me, as one, and he did not come out.

But he sent slaves to him.

They ran and overtook me within the limits of the Egyptian,

But all returned with nothing and broken:

They broke their swords, raised arrows,

Their hands weakened, acting against us,

And we were not unscathed.

Before us was a pillar of fire, and above us was a cloud;

And we were alone in a foreign country

Among the robbers, among the great nations and kings.

When the king also learned of the defeat of his people,

He was furious, considering it a great dishonor

To be scolded and defeated by one person.

He harnessed his chariots, raised the people

And he chased himself with great bragging.

When he came, he found me alone with fatigue;

Moses was awake and talking with God.

He ordered me to tie my hands and feet,

And, holding me through opinion, they attempted to knit;

I, lying down, laughed and, armed with prayer

And the sign of the cross, they all reflected.

Not daring to touch or approach me,

They, standing here and there at some distance, thought to frighten me:

Holding fire in their hands, they threatened to burn me,

They raised a loud cry and made a noise.

In order not to boast that they did something great,

They saw that I also became a light, according to the prayers of my father,

And ashamed, all of a sudden all together retired.

God came from Moses and, finding me bold,

Pleased and trembling from this miracle,

He asked: what happened? I told him all this:

What was Pharaoh, the king of Egypt;

Having come now with countless people,

He could not tie me; he wanted to burn me,

And all those who came with him became a flame,

Letting out fire against me from my mouth;

But as they saw that I was made light by your prayers,

That turned everything into darkness; and now I am alone.

Look, Moses answered me, do not be arrogant,

Do not look at the obvious, the more afraid of the secret.

Hurry! let us flee, so God commands;

And Christ instead of us will defeat the Egyptians.

Come, sir, I said, I will not separate from you.

I will not break your commandments, but I will keep it all. Amen.

Reverend Simeon the New Theologian (59, 157-164).

Here the Monk Simeon speaks of his spiritual father, Simeon the Student, or the Reverent. - Note. trans.

That is, the spiritual father of the Monk Simeon, of whom we spoke above. - Note. trans.

Hymn 37. Teaching with theology about the actions of Holy Love, that is, the Light itself of the Holy Spirit.

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