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Love of God

Love of God

Tags: Religion, Christianity

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" (Mt. 22, 37)

We need love for God, impoverishment in the soul is the most intolerable of all evils (8, 84).

Having received the commandment to love God, we also received the power to love, invested in us by creation. St. Basil the Great (8, 83).

I will point out to you a matter that only makes a person firm in good and keeps it from beginning to end: love God with all your soul, with your whole heart and with Him alone, work. Then God will give you great strength and joy, and all the works of God will become sweet for you, like honey; all bodily labors, mental occupations, vigils and all the yoke of God in general will be easy and sweet for you. For love, though. The Lord sometimes sends a dislike to them, so that they do not magnify themselves, but remain in the deed, and they test instead of courage - weight and relaxation, instead of joy - sadness, instead of peace and silence - excitement, instead of sweetness - bitterness, many other things like that it happens to those who love the Lord. But, struggling with this and winning, they are stronger and stronger. When, finally, they completely overcome all this, then the Holy Spirit will begin to be with them in all, then they will not become more afraid of anything bad. The Monk Anthony the Great (66, 48).

For the love of God, the soul became the bride of the Immortal Bridegroom, so as to reflect in His mirror the beauty of Himself (26, 94).

Merciful demands love from one who wants to come to Him. And if he brings love and tears, accepts and the gift (28, 156).

You, Lord, we seek in prayer, because everything is enclosed in You. By Thou, let us be rich, because Thou art a Wealth that does not change from a change of times (28, 337).

You, Lord, we must seek instead of everything else and except You not to seek anything. For who seeks you, he finds everything in You. In Thee, O Lord, is riches for those in need, heartfelt joy for the sorrowful, healing for the wounded, comfort for all who mourn. You are peace within the kingdoms and peace within them. You are the full blessings of the field; He who is yours does not suffer from hunger. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (28, 337).

To be pleased to love (the Lord) sincerely and as it should - this is the Kingdom of Heaven, it is a taste of bliss, in this - the benefits are innumerable (38, 591).

For the shedding of the blood for us, we receive the Holy Spirit. If the Blood and Spirit are connected, this is so that we can receive through the homogeneous blood of the Holy Spirit that is not homogeneous with us and thereby block the access to us of death (42, 930).

To love Christ is not to be a mercenary, not to look at pious life as a trade and trade, but to be truly virtuous and do everything from one love to God (43, 65).

If someone threatened me with a future unending death to excommunicate me from Christ, or promised me an endless life, I would not agree. St. John Chrysostom (43, 685).

No word is enough to depict love in its true worth, as it is of an ethereal but heavenly origin ... Even the language of the Angels is not able to perfectly study it, since it continually comes from the Great God (43, 995).

Love that does not fit in the world, dwells in a humble heart (43, 996).

Nothing can be found more precious, nothing higher and nothing ... more durable than love. For "love never ceases, although prophecies will cease, and tongues will be silent, and knowledge will be abolished" (1Cor. 13, 8). Without love, not only all the finest kinds of gifts, but the glory of martyrdom itself is nothing. Rev. John Cassian Roman (Abba Hermon, 53, 379).

For a believer, the love of God is sufficient comfort even in the death of his soul (55, 178).

. The wonderful love of God to man is known when he is in desperate circumstances. Here God reveals His power in His salvation. For no man will ever know the power of God in peace and freedom. And nowhere did God so tangibly show His power, as in a country of silence and in the desert, in places free from gatherings and rumor peculiar to habitation among people. The Rev. Isaac the Syrian (55, 222).

The love ... for the Savior is the operation of the Spirit, or the essential presence of it, which is visually visible within me, (as) the light. This light can not be compared with anything and everything is inexpressible. The Monk Symeon the New Theologian (59, 220).

People are looking for easy, not hard work. Jesus is easy to work with. He does not order the stones to be worn, he does not order the mountains to be torn, and so on, like this, to do to his servants. No, we do not hear anything from Him, but what? - "Love each other" (John 13, 34, 15, 12, 17). What is easier than loving? It is hard to hate, for hatred torments; but love is sweet, for love pleases. He Himself testifies to this: "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light" (Matthew 11, 30). Let us take, beloved Christian, the yoke of Christ on ourselves, bear His light burden and follow Him. Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 929).

The love of God is the arrangement of the spirit in which a Christian, enjoying God as the supreme good and perfection, seeks to become like Him through the fulfillment of His holy will and attain a blessed union with Him. In the Word of God, man is commanded to love God with all his heart, with all his soul, with all his mind, and the commandment about love of God is supplied first and foremost (Matthew 22, 37-38). Bishop Theophan the Recluse. God-pleasing life in general. Ed. 2-e, M., 1899, p. 23.

The love of God or the thirst for being in communion with God as supreme good and comfort in Him, or the consciousness of bliss in His communion flows into the heart of the one who turns to God and directs to Him all of his being. This love is a real taste of bliss, not a mental and imaginary one. He's the same. The outline of Christian morality. M., 1891, p. 287.

... Love is a paradise, but paradise is lost. You go inside yourself and you do not find it there; You see that this tree of life does not grow on the heart. From what? Because the heart is overgrown with evil trees of passions, drowning out love. Where there is passion, there is no place for love. Eradicate before these evil trees of passion - and in their place will grow one multicolored tree, giving the color and fruit of love. He's the same. Love is the crown of Christian life. "Home conversation", 1872, August, issue. 32, p. 740-741.

The love of God is the gift of God in man, who has prepared himself for the acceptance of this gift by the purity of the heart, mind and body (108, 130).

It is necessary to attain perfection in all virtues in order to enter into the perfection of all perfections, to merge them into love (109, 55).

Our bodies are characterized by divine love. Having freed themselves from the sickness of sinfulness, which is unnatural and hostile to them, they, even during earthly wanderings, are constantly drawn to God, according to their nature and the action of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (111, 154).

"Friend" in its meaning means "another I," that is, it means a person who, like thoughts and desires, is like me, whose soul is connected to me and to whom I can rely in every way on myself. And so, not without reason, someone said that friends are one soul, living in two bodies. So, it is already clear from this that the friend of God is the one whose will is conscientious with the holy will of God, who by his desires is the one who strives for him, whose spirit is united by love with the Spirit of God and who, in this love, is so confident in God for himself, that he does not doubt of receiving from Him all the benefits that serve him. On such properties, the righteous all enter into God and God - all in him, becomes as something one with God and drowns in the abyss of Divine perfections. This close union of the righteous with God is affirmed on the love with which the soul of the righteous burns to Him, therefore, whom God Himself loves. For He loves those who love Him, and this mutual love gives the right to the virtuous call himself a friend of God.

If he is a friend of God, then he is a participant in His most secret secrets and advice. Since we usually open our own thoughts to our true friends, explain our intentions, announce decisions and the most hidden thoughts of our hearts, we inform them, or in short, we give them our heart and in this delivery we find our own special pleasure. For misfortune is facilitated if we tell a friend about it, and happiness is not so happy for us if we do not inform our faithful friend about it. Plato, Metropolitan of Moscow (105, 200).

The Lord asked the apostles, how do they understand Him? In the person of the holy apostle Peter they answered: "You are the Christ" (Mark 8, 29). This confession did not suddenly mature, but, having matured, settled into the depths of the heart and became its source guide. It was darkened by the death of the Lord, but it did not waver. And being resurrected in a greater power by the Resurrection, the apostles tried to preach to the whole world for their whole life. There is a moment for every believer, when he utters with all his might: "You are the Christ, my Lord and Savior. You are my salvation, my light, my strength, my consolation, my hope and eternal life. " Then he is ready to say with the apostle: "Who will separate us from the love of God?" (Rom., 8, 35) - like him begins to chase after all that is pleasing to Christ the Lord, until he comes "to the measure of the full age of Christ" (Eph. 4, 13) . Bishop Theophan the Recluse (107, 85-86).

If we do not respond to the love of the Lord for us with love for Him, then is not the blood of the God-man shed for us in vain? ... Is it not vainly entrusted to the God Altar and the sacrifice of the Great Sacrifice? Almighty is her intercession for us for salvation, are all-powerful and her complaints against those who despise her. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (111, 139).

True signs of love for God

Let's see what signs of love for God, so as not to have a false dream about her instead of love. For in nothing man is deceived so much as in love.

The signs of this love are: 1. The Lord himself indicates: "He who has my commandments and keeps them, he loves me" (John 14, 21). For truly loving God - everything that is contrary to God, is taken, and everything that He pleases, tries to fulfill; why he keeps his holy commandments. And from this it follows that those Christians do not have the love of God, who do not care for His commandments ... 2) A clear sign of the love of God is a heartfelt joy about God. Because we love, we rejoice about that. So God's love can not be without joy. 3) A truly loving God despises the world and everything in the world, and aspires to a single beloved God. Honor, glory, riches and all the joys of this world, which the sons of this age seek, count for nothing. It is enough for Him alone, an uncreated and beloved good. In Him alone he finds perfect honor, glory, riches and consolation. To Him is one God - a pearl of many value, before Whom everything else is insignificant. Such a thing does not desire anything in Heaven or on earth except God ... 4) God truly loves God in unforgettable memory, His love for us and His benefits. This is seen in human love. For whom we love, we often remember. So, whoever loves God, often remembers Him, reflects. They are comforted and admired: "... for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Matthew 6, 21). 5) A lover with a loved one wants to be inseparable. Many Christians wish to be glorified with Christ the Lord, but they do not want to be dishonored and dishonored to be with Him and do not bear the cross. They ask Him to be with Him in His Kingdom, but they do not want to suffer with Him in the world, and they show that their heart is wrong, and they truly do not love Christ, and, in truth, love themselves more than Christ. Therefore, says the Lord: "He who does not take his cross and follow me, is not worthy of me" (Matthew 10, 38). 6) Another sign of love for God is love for one's neighbor. Who truly loves God, he also loves his neighbor. He who loves a loved one loves his beloved. The source of love for one's neighbor is love of God, but the love of God is known from love to one's neighbor. And from this it is clear that he does not love God either, who does not love his neighbor, as the apostle teaches: "He who says," I love God, "and hates his brother, is a liar" (1IN 4, 20). Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 967-969).

What is the measure of love for God? That the soul will tirelessly forcefully fulfill the will of God with the purpose and desire of the glory of God. St. Basil the Great (8, 266).

God's loving soul is subordinate to the Divine all human (12, 109).

If you give me a pile of gold and amber, green fields, fat flocks, a magnificent house and Alkinoyev a meal, if instead of real life you give another, ageless, and then I do not agree to live a vile and to lose Christ. St. Gregory the Theologian (15, 83).

Alkina - the character of the other Greek. mythology, the king of the faeces, hospitable inhabitants of the fabulous island of Scheria; arranged a feast in honor of Odysseus, thrown by a storm on this island.

Truly loving God, having dissolved, having overcome and having passed all that is considered an obstacle in the world, is enveloped in a single Divine love. The Monk Makarios of Egypt (33, 457).

The thought of a person who sincerely loves God is never on earth, but constantly in Heaven, where He Who loved him (26, 93).

Really loving God, as a double-edged sword, cuts off all other love of this world and dissolves all material bonds. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (27, 37).

Whoever is hurt by this love and seeks to heart for God, does not pay any attention to the visible, but constantly contemplates the object of his aspirations (38, 217).

Let us love the Lord according to our strength ... we will give everything out of love for Him: the soul, and the property, and the glory, and all the rest, with joy, with willingness, with zeal, without considering it useful to Him, but for ourselves. This is the law of love: lovers consider the happiness of suffering for loved ones (45, 899).

If we loved Christ, how we should love, we would know how much more terrible than Gehenna is an insult to the Beloved. And since we love little, we do not know the power of this punishment. St. John Chrysostom (46, 701).

A heart that has felt love for God can not contain and endure it, but as this love intensifies, it undergoes an extraordinary change. Reverend Isaac the Syrian (55, 363).

I saw one who was all mourned and wept, that he did not love God, as he wished, whereas he so loved Him, that he always bore in his soul a burning desire that one God be famous in him, he himself was like nothing. He does not know that he is, and he does not enjoy the most praises that are spoken to him. For in the great lust of humility, he does not understand his dignity. But, serving God, as the law commands the priests, in a certain strong disposition to love God, he loses the memory of his dignity, somewhere in the depths of love for God, losing his self-satisfied self in a spirit of humility, and in his thought he always seems to him an incompetent slave, completely not having the required dignity from him. So acting, and we should avoid all honor and glory for the sake of the abundant wealth of love for the Lord, who loved us so much ... For as the selfish person naturally seeks his glory, so the God-loving naturally searches and loves the glory of his Creator. The soul of the God-loving, filled with the sense of God, is peculiar in the performance of all the commandments to seek the one glory of God, while regarding oneself - to rejoice in humility. For God, for the sake of his greatness, glory befalls, and humility for man, that through him we may become our God. Blessed Diadoch (68, 13).

Seeing the cross in the virgin hands of St. Catherine, we already know her true love for Christ our Savior, for which she suffered martyrdom for Him, saying: "I love you, my bridegroom, and seeking you, I suffer and I will be crucified." Love is not true without a cross, without suffering for a loved one. And how the faithful are said to be unsteady: "They believe in time, and fall away during temptation" (Luke 8, 13), and they say that they love true timidity, and fall away during temptation. St. Peter at first, when he had not yet firmly established himself in faith and love, considered himself truly loving the Lord and said: "With You I am ready to go both to prison and to death" (Luke 22, 33); when the time of adversity came, the time of the cross, suffering, martyrdom, he immediately disappeared: "He denied the oath that He does not know this Man" (Matthew 26, 72). The true love that does not run from the cross, is not afraid of suffering, is ready for wounds and death for the sake of a loved one who does not drop out during temptation, but dares. Sainted Dimitry of Rostov (103, 848)

You see that the fire always goes upward, and whatever interferes with it, it does not change its actions, but always aspires - that is its nature. And true love of God has the same effect. The heart that has flared up, always aspires to its center, to the Beloved, and whatever interferes with it can not be withheld: neither beauty, nor sweetness, nor glory, nor fear, nor sword, nor death are not strong to hinder it. His chosen vessel of Christ, Paul, who confidently said: "neither death, nor life, nor the Angels, nor the Beginning, nor the Force, nor the present, nor the future, nor the height, nor the depth, nor any other creature, can know us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord "(Rom., 8, 38-39). For such love bitter sweetness of this world is bitter, beauty is precious, glory is insignificant, the kingdom is captivity and captivity. Such a person abides on the earth with his feet, but in Heaven with the heart; on the earth by body, and in the spirit of Heaven; with people lives, but the spirit is before the beloved God and worships Him. He sees God in faith, as in a mirror; he eats and drinks with the body, but with the spirit he constantly eats other food, with David saying: "As the deer wants to streams of water, so my soul desires to You, God!" (Psalm 41, 2). This reasoning teaches you to try to taste and see how good the Lord is and to ask Him to light the spark of His love in your heart.Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 941-942).

Success in loving God is infinite, because love is an infinite God (108, 128).

We see the degree of our love for God with particular clarity in prayer, which is the expression of this love and is very correctly named in the fatherly writings a mirror of spiritual prosperity. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (111, 257).

... Love for God must be active, that is, to confirm the inner dispositions of the heart with appropriate deeds. It should be expressed by the desire for all good and charitable and repugnance from all that is ungodly, also through active love to our neighbors. Bishop Theophan the Recluse. God-pleasing life in general. Ed. 2-e, M., 1899, p. 25.

In the temple of God, in the Old Testament tabernacle arranged by Moses, there were two fires. One of them was inside on the altar. It was the fire that once came down from Heaven to burn the sacrifices made by Aaron. For this fire, at God's command, they watched very carefully so that it would never fade away, but would constantly shine both day and night. Care for him lay on the priests assigned to him, who called him fire divine and used it only for some victims and burnt offerings, while for other needs he was forbidden to use it under threat.

Another fire was in front of the doors of the temple of glory. This fire was not descended from Heaven, but terrestrial, ordinary, and it was called fire alien. He was not allowed to eat for the sacrifices made to God, nor could he be brought into the temple. And when the two sons of Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, taking strange fire, ordinary, and putting it into their censers, ventured into the temple, then fire came from the Lord and burned them in ashes.

The fire of our love for God must also always burn in the heart, heated and supported by the thought of God: "In my thoughts fire has kindled" (Psalm 38, 4). An alien fire, that is, worldly, sinful, must not be brought into the heart under threat, that is, under the fear of eternal death, so that the fire of hell can not burn us forever. Sainted Dimitry of Rostov (103, 349-350).

(But there is carnal, unclean) love is the hateful passion of the soul ... There is no use for it (for the soul), but harm and ... unreasonable costs, a perversion of life and a general disorder of the houses. From spiritual love, there is a great wealth of good deeds, a great abundance of virtues. St. John Chrysostom (37, 310).

There is no price before the Gospel of love from the movement of blood and carnal feelings (108, 123).

Love burned and nourished by the Holy Spirit is fire. This fire extinguishes the fire of love natural, carnal, damaged by the Fall (108, 124).

Natural love delivers to its beloved an earthly one, it does not think about heavenly things. She is at war with Heaven and the Holy Spirit because the Spirit demands the crucifixion of the flesh. She is at war with Heaven and the Holy Spirit because she is under the control of the spirit of the evil one (108, 124).

Feeling spiritual love will look with disgust at love as carnal as an ugly distortion of love (108, 126).

Do what is useful and what the law allows your loved ones, but always entrust them to God, and blind, carnal, unconscious your love will turn gradually into a spiritual, intelligent, holy(108, 127).

Rejecting enmity, rejecting attachments, renouncing carnal love, acquire spiritual love, evade evil and do good (108, 127).

Hearing from the Scriptures that our God is Fire, that love is fire, and feeling the fire of love in oneself natural, do not think that this fire is one and the same. No! These fires are hostile to each other and are extinguished by one another. Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) (108, 131).

The prophet Isaiah once saw angels of two faces: the Lucifer, that is, the light-bearer, and the other-the fire-flame Seraphim, as if one of them falls, and the other stands still; the lucifer of the light-bearer falls: "As you fell from heaven, the morning child, the son of the morning!" (Isaiah 14, 12), Seraphim stands unshakable: "There were Seraphim around him" (Isaiah 6, 2). Why did the light-bearing angel, who had an enlightened mind and cherubic wisdom and knew God perfectly, did not stand long in Heaven, but soon fell asleep? Because he did not love God warmly, did not burn with the flame of Seraphim's love for God. Seraphim, having the same light, light-minded mind, burned with his warm love also with a warm love for God and therefore did not fall. One of the interpreters, arguing about this, says: "The Lightbringer fell from the sky like lightning; The Seraphim were standing on it, the Seraphim are truly standing, for they never lost love. " We will listen to this. It is not enough to be a bright, wise and intelligent angel, but it is necessary to be a fiery Seraphim. It is not enough to have an enlightened mind, but it is necessary to be fiery. It is not wise enough to know God, but it is also necessary to love Him warmly. Only that, and not any other kind of love can be permanent, stable and never falling away, which loves warmth, fiery, seraphim.

Oh, the fire is heavenly. The Holy Spirit, descended once in the fire to those who loved Christ! Holy Spirit, Throw in our hearts even one spark of the fire of divine love and create a heat that hits the thorns and brushwood of our sins! The wind is quiet and sweet. Holy Spirit! Thou shalt preach with the breath of Thy grace, inflate in us that fire, the fire of heaven, the fire of God, the fire of love for God, the love of Seraphim, constant, stable and never falling away! St. Demetrius of Rostov

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