Today: February 23 2019
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Skiers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy suspected of doping

Skiers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy suspected of doping

Tags: Sport, Doping

Hundreds of skiers, among them a third of Olympic medalists, handed in "suspicious" doping tests; under suspicion were athletes from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy and other countries, according to the investigation materials carried out by journalists of the German television channel ARD, the British edition of the Sunday Times, the Swedish SVT channel and the Swiss online publication Republik.

As writes Deutsche Welle, such information was obtained thanks to a database of 10 thousand skiers tests, handed over from 2001 to 2010 year.

According to the publication, tests of 290 athletes who won 313 medals of different denominations at the Olympics and World Championships, contain "abnormal" indicators. The largest number of suspicious tests - 51 - accounted for the share of Russian athletes. They are followed by skiers from Germany - 22 athlete. Among the possible infringers are also athletes from Norway, Sweden, Italy and other countries.

Another 50 skiers from the list provided to journalists by an unknown informant, got the opportunity to speak at the OI-2018 in South Korea.

Recall, on Thursday, 1 February, the Sports Arbitration Court granted the appeals of 28 Russian athletes, annulling the decision of the International Olympic Committee about their lifelong suspension from participating in the Olympic Games for violating anti-doping rules at the Sochi Olympics.

On the same day, the International Ski Federation (FIS) withdrew a temporary suspension from the competition with Alexander Legkov, Nikita Kryukov and six other Russian skiers.

Dmitry Zubarev
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