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Macron: Europe is out of the way

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking in front of the congress of the parliament, said that Europe "lost its way."

"The last decade has become cruel to Europe. We managed to cope with various crises, but we lost our way, "he said.

According to Macron, Europe is facing a lot of problems.

"Terrorism is not defeated. The European construction is in crisis. Our financial balances deteriorated, and the debt grew. Investments are weak, unemployment has reached an incredible level, "- said the French leader.

As Macron stressed, Europeans need a stronger European Union than ever. He believes that France should take the initiative in its own hands and take steps to strengthen the bloc.

The French President noted that he intends to closely cooperate with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for this purpose. So, he said, by the end of the year they will launch "democratic conventions" across Europe.

Earlier, Macron called on Europe to change its migration policy.

A source: RT

Tags: Macron, France, Europe, EU, Politics

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