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Macron uses Trump for his own political growth

The first visit of Trump to France takes place in an extremely friendly atmosphere, which is a striking contrast to his relations with other European capitals. Macron not only accepts the American leader with all the warmth and honors, but also makes very unexpected statements - right up to the agreement Leave in Syria Assad. What do the two presidents achieve from each other?

Unlike most of the other contacts between Donald Trump and European leaders, the first visit of the American president to France began on 13 July, and is emphatically friendly.

If Trump's contacts with Theresa May or Angela Merkel are invariably accompanied by mutual public tricks, in the case of Emmanuel Macron everything was done to ensure that the shadow of the turmoil did not fall on the US president's trip.

Firstly, Trump was invited by the French president to celebrate the main national holiday - Bastille Day (14 July).

Secondly, representatives of both sides expressed maximum joy and goodwill towards their counterparts. Macron planned for his American colleague, known for his weakness for chic, an official meeting at the House of Disabled, a tour of the Army Museum, a photo at the tomb of Napoleon, a military parade, a family dinner at the Eiffel Tower, which will be closed specifically for the occasion, and much more. In turn, the representative of the White House crumbled in compliments to the host: "He (D. Trump - ed.) Is inspired, like the first lady. To pay a visit to Macrones in the City of Light is very cool. "

At the same time, both the White House and the Elysee Palace emphasize that the positions of Trump and Macron are not at all identical. The main point of contact in them is the attitude to terrorism and the fight against it.

Against the backdrop of the already familiar, gloomy and increasingly profound confrontation between the American president and other European leaders, such mutual friendliness requires additional explanations.

In the case of Emmanuel Macron, the reasons are very simple: the desire to increase your own political weight and authority.

The circumstances of ascension to the political Olympus of Macron and its background are such that they are treated with disdain and even outright ridicule. He looks like a lightweight and completely non-independent figure, in fact, a puppet of transnational capital - especially against the backdrop of political German and British "heavyweights".

It is not surprising his desire to change this situation. And, we must admit, circumstances favor him. Theresa May made an erroneous decision about the early elections, and her position as prime minister was sharply shaken. Angela Merkel, the most powerful statesman in Europe, has her own problems, including in the light of the upcoming elections. The EU is experiencing a systemic crisis in several directions. Problems with the United States, generated by the figure of Donald Trump, complete the picture.

In this situation, the weak and not taken seriously Emmanuel Macron has a chance to correct his own image and position himself as an independent political figure. It seems that it was for this reason that in recent days the French president made several tough statements at once. He accused Germany of taking advantage of imbalances in the eurozone, and also supported Hamburg's mayor, who was harshly criticized for the riots during the G-20 summit. And even stated on the results of negotiations with Trump that Paris is more Do not insist on the departure of Assad.

In addition, behind Makron there are several other such demonstrative steps. And it's hard to resist the assumption that the French president is trying to imitate his Russian counterpart. As you know, recently Macron landed on a submarine from a helicopter, and yesterday - 12 July - more than half an hour late for a meeting with Angela Merkel and the Italian Prime Minister.

And here is a new move that should position the French leader as a strong and independent geopolitical player: the friendly visit of the American president, and in addition to him statements that Europe and the United States still need each other. That is, against the backdrop of irritated, diving, showing the personal dislike of the Trump of European leaders, Makron shows himself as a mature statesman, declaring his readiness to become the bridge that will establish relations between the American president and European elites. Moreover, the tone of the French leader hints at some patronizing intonation in his attitude towards Trump in the current situation.

We should pay tribute to Macron (and his advisers), who competently plays his game.

As for Donald Trump, in addition to the satisfied vanity that the visit to Paris promises him, the French leader can become for him a good ally (or instrument?) In order to achieve a more accommodating position from Europe.

The press conference of the two leaders following the talks also confirmed these trends. Both Trump and Macron diligently smoothed out sensitive issues (such as the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate), emphasized the unity of their positions on key issues (Syria, the fight against terrorism) and stressed that the differences do not affect the historical closeness and friendliness in any way Their countries.

Now the most interesting question is whether the links between Washington and Paris and the efforts of the leaders of the two countries will be enough to solve the issues that are pressing for them.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

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