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Macron accused Germany of taking advantage of imbalances in the euro area

Germany benefits from imbalances in the euro area, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

"It's unhealthy, because it can not be sustainable," Tass quoted Funke as saying.

He stressed that some states benefit from the current situation, becoming stronger, while others, who already have a high level of public debt, "gain even more obligations." According to Macron, Germany has become a "winner" thanks to the reforms.

Now the eurozone is working incorrectly, and "the plug is getting bigger," said Macron. He said he wants to see the euro area "more homogeneous."

The European Union, in the opinion of the French leader, needs a more equitable financial situation that will ensure stability in the Union of States.

"We need an eurozone with a common budget, a government that allocates budgetary funds, and democratic control mechanisms that are not available today," the French president said.

In June, Macron stated the need to create an "alliance of trust" with Germany to together give a new impetus to the idea of ​​a united Europe.

He also criticized "some leaders" of Eastern European countries for a mercantile approach to the European Union.

A source: LOOK

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