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Knights of Malta urged the Vatican not to interfere in the affairs of the Order

Manual Order of Malta, which is the oldest in the world, Pope Francis called unacceptable the decision to create a commission to investigate the circumstances of the dismissal of the Grand Chancellor, knightly religious order of Baron Albert von Bezelagera, who was accused of deviating from Catholic dogma, writes The Telegraph.

A few years ago, according to the publication, Bezelager while in Myanmar as a curator of the international Order of the charity program, organized the free distribution of condoms to local residents, explaining the intention to reduce the incidence of HIV. Order Manual regarded such actions as a departure from the doctrine of the Catholic Church, removing 6 December baron from the post of Chancellor of the great religious order.

In turn, Pope Francis last week created a special commission to investigate the circumstances should Bezelagera deposition.

The Order of Malta has issued a statement in which he noted that the removal of Baron act of "internal governance of the Sovereign Order of Malta, and, for this reason, the question is only in its jurisdiction."

Order of Malta or the Sovereign Military Order of charming St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, was founded in the year 1099 the Crusaders in Jerusalem. Order of the Knights Hospitallers are called. After the capture of the Holy Land, Muslims they moved to Rhodes and then settled in Malta. Grand Master of the Maltese and protector was the Russian Emperor Paul I. The headquarters of the Order in Rome.

A source: RIA News

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