Today: January 20 2019
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Marathon around the Sun

Marathon around the Sun

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Once again, the earth completes its marathon around the sun. And although nothing special happens from the point of view of astronomy - the earth is just beginning its new turn around the main luminary, - in our life there comes a special event, and for some even a big holiday is the New Year.

Even literally a few centuries ago, if you said that the earth is "running around the sun, you would be accused of ignorance, and even of heresy, and would point you to a passage from the book of Joshua, where he commands to rise to the sun over Gibeon . Indeed, prior to the 17th century, the geocentric model of the universe was generally accepted. It was believed that the sun revolves around the earth. And only in the XVII century Galileo Galileo was scientifically grounded heliocentric model, which literally exploded the then idea of ​​the universe, for Galileo began to assert that it is not the sun around the earth, and the earth for one astronomical year once "runs" around the sun. For that, by the way, he was persecuted by the Inquisition, that is, by the then official Catholic Church. And no wonder, for his discovery struck the authority of the church, which was considered the custodian of true knowledge and a hotbed of enlightenment.

However, Galileo, as you know, was right, and the earth is really not the center and not everything around it, and it is around the sun "running around".

Having transferred everything from the astronomical plane to the ideological plane, we can also hit on humanism from this side. Modern anti-religious humanism claims that "man is the measure of all things." To which we can answer: "Look at how the universe works. The life of the universe is centered around the sun. The life of the earth passes in the movement around the sun and actually depends on the sun. The earth is not self-sufficient, as man is not a self-sufficient being. And just as the life of the earth depends on the sun, man's life also depends on the Sun, only the other. There is a spiritual Sun - God - around whom the life of man must be concentrated and from which human life depends ".

About this, I think, we should think about the beginning of a new "race" of land around the sun. The movement of the earth is determined by laws, so it will not go anywhere from its orbit. And if she had gone, she would have died instantly. Everything is much more difficult with a man. A person, it turns out, can "spin" around its axis, without focusing, however, around the Sun. And this is his error. While the focus of human life is not God, and he himself with his passions and cares, he remains in error, like the Catholic Church before the discovery of Galileo.

The advent of the new year is an important occasion to evaluate the past and prepare for the future. In this respect it is important to prepare for the meeting not next year, namely the year of the new one. And so already at the start of this year to take a course for renewal. A renewal is necessary: ​​it indicates a normal continuation and development of life. The computer programs are updated, the horns of the moose are updated (the old ones are dumped before January), and every organism, including the human, is constantly updated. Our spiritual life also requires constant renewal. And here is what the parallel suggests here. The planet earth is also in a state of constant renewal. Trees bud and flowers bloom in different places of the earth, depending on their "relationship" with the sun - the time of year. This continuous process of constant renewal occurs only thanks to a "good relationship" with the main light, due to the fact that the earth "knows" its place in orbit and is constantly centered around the sun. We see something similar in the world of flora. For example, a sunflower is always so fruitful because it constantly "observes" the sun. All that blooms and smells, blooms in the spring, that is, in a period of special solar activity. It is the same in the world of fauna: all the most important for the prosperity of this world of migration are strictly determined by periods of solar activity, and otherwise life is impossible. So why do not we take an example from representatives of flora and fauna, devoid of reason, but equipped with the instinct of self-preservation? Why do not we start at last "orienting ourselves to the East," because everyone needs light and warmth?

Let us also "spin" around the spiritual Sun - Christ, keep our minds in the "fairway" that He indicated

Of course, one should begin with, however, with the clarification that, unlike representatives of the animal and vegetable worlds, man is a reasonable and spiritual being, and therefore his life depends not so much on the luminary in the firmament as on the Light of the Reasonable, the True Sun Truth is God. Like a sunflower, always directing its chapter on the movement of the sun, a Christian, if he wants to be as fruitful, follows his head - the mind - in the "fairway" indicated by the Sun - Christ, which is sometimes very narrow and difficult to pass. The process of spiritual renewal will certainly be connected with the "rejection of the horns" - old and stale sinful habits that prevent the new young formations - virtues from breaking through. The process of "dumping old skins", so characteristic of snakes, is also inevitable for spiritual growth. These reptiles regularly change the skin, "scalping" the old skin by crawling between the spines of the bush or sharp rocks. This is the wisdom of the serpent. The new skin of the snake glistens and rejoices under the rays of the sun, reminding us of the joy of the touch of the grace of the Holy Spirit that can be made available only after the "old man is stripped from his deeds" and put on a "new" person (see 3: 9-10).

Much more can be given comparisons: the book of nature opened before us in a diverse and very picturesque way tells about the laws of the interrelations of heavenly and earthly, revealing to us the secrets of our spiritual life.

And the planet earth in the meantime begins its new marathon. And this movement will continue along the same orbit: spinning around itself, the main way the earth will still make around the sun, again and again addressing us with an annual call to follow its example. Will we hear this call?

Happy New Year, friends!

Priest Dimitry Vydumkin
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