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Masha and fortune

Masha and fortune

Tags: Russia, Cinema, Kids, Poland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine

"In Poland, Azerbaijan and Ukraine want to include Masha in sanctions because it" hides under the hem of Putin's tanks ", and the cartoon - a" Kremlin's Trojan horse, bewitches children of the enemy. "

About the phenomenon of worldwide popularity of Russian cartoon "Masha and the Bear" has been written a lot of articles. In another one, published in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, a journalist of Russian descent, Anna Zafesova gives some very funny points of view on this cartoon.

For example, some Lithuanian political scientist believes "Masha and the Bear", "freeze propaganda tool of the Kremlin." Like, big and good Bear - a Russian, a little confused girl - is Lithuania. And looking at the frenzied propaganda, simple Lithuanians understand that Russia will protect him, but it is not so. But quite the contrary.

In Poland, Azerbaijan and Ukraine want to include Masha in sanctions because it "hides under the hem of Putin's tanks", and the cartoon - a "Kremlin's Trojan horse, bewitches the enemy of children."

Indeed, the nature of the mysterious paranoia called unpleasant word "Russophobia", it is difficult to understand. The popular American TV series - this is just a popular American TV series, confirming the leading position of the US in the film. Popular Icelandic football team - it's just a popular Icelandic football team that gave the world faith in miracles. A popular Russian cartoon - is necessarily secret weapon of Putin's propaganda developed in the cellars of the Lubyanka on oil money napivshimisya vodka with cocaine Surkov fosterling.

Or vice versa - the secret weapon of NATO propaganda developed in the basement of the State Department on global money iudopravitelstva napivshimisya whiskey and cocaine dogs Brzezinski. In full accordance with the plan Dulles, of course. This tells us the professor of the Moscow State University psychologist, discovered in the cartoon "sadism, selfishness and inhumanity," as well as the suggestion of "liberal values" and mockery of "bear, a sacred symbol of Russian and father figure."

And now, pushing away from all this schizophrenia, Anna Zafesova herself falls into the sin of personal interpretations and becomes on a par with all the above-mentioned experts. It seems that Anna often happens in Russia, but in 1996, she "Russia only discovered Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, banned by the Soviet censorship for" propaganda of cruelty and violence. " And "if a headscarf can still be seen from women in remote villages, sarafans are associated exclusively with folklore performances." And although Disney cartoons were shown on central Russian television in a special weekly program from 1992, and sundresses and scarves are quite common (and quite fashionable) clothes in Moscow, Ms. Zafesov can not stop. "In this world, the New Year is celebrated instead of Christmas," she writes. "In the refrigerator at Medved (besides meat and ham, which only in fairy tales were seen in Soviet times), the legendary" Tourist's breakfast ", a stew, was found in any store in any latitude of the USSR - not least because it was not even eaten by cats. "

However, simple living in Italy, a former compatriot some confusion in my head: I do not this is the basic error of its conception based on the thesis of fabulousness, versatility and nostalgia, forced to watch "Masha and the Bear" all the inhabitants of the earth - from Indonesia to Zimbabwe. Because a fundamental error in any justification of a random pop phenomenon is in itself an attempt to prove that it is impossible to justify.

No one ever knows what novopridumannogo of work. If in 1999, after entering the video channel MTV Russia "I lost my mind," someone told me that the band "Tatu" will become popular worldwide, I would have laughed in response. But then I earned expertise Russian pop decent money, was considered one of the best specialists in the country. There was no sign that would herald. And now, with the height of the experienced and analyzed, no reason not to find. It just happened. It is an accident.

The success of Masha and the Bear is just as random. Because it is impossible to calculate the success of a pop project in the general case. Yes, look at the current movie theater bill. "In search of Dori", "Independence Day: Revival", "Spell-2", "Illusion of deceit - 2", "Neighbors. On the warpath - 2 "," Tarzan. Legend "," Ninja Turtles - 2 ". What unites all these films? It's all sequels or remakes. No major film studio in the world, except for Disney, has long risked spending serious money on a project that was not tested before. And Disney, which risks, regularly loses - new projects generally fail. Simply because it is impossible to calculate, no matter how "experts" and "analysts" try to convince you otherwise.

Pop-culture - it is always a lottery. And the creators of "Masha and the Bear" can only be happy - they are lucky, they pulled the lucky ticket. But in their place could be any other modern Russian cartoon project: and "Smeshariki" and "Fixiki", and that there still exists. But he could not be Russian, and Indonesian.

We'll never guess.

Maxim Kononenko
Russia Today
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