Today: 24 September 2018
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Mayor of Paphos continues to expose the elite of Cyprus

Mayor of Paphos continues to expose the elite of Cyprus

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On the evening air of the Sigma channel, the mayor of the cultural capital of Europe, Fedonas Fedonov, accused the employees of the Cypriot Foreign Ministry of receiving kickbacks and illegal export abroad and selling antiquities. In addition, the Paphos mayor said that the Hungarian investor, who is developing a development project in conjunction with the Cyprus Church, earned his money in the porn industry.

Charges of the mayor

According to the Mayor of Paphos, at least two employees of the Cyprus Embassy in China received kickbacks for sending citizens of the PRC to the island of Aphrodite to purchase real estate and obtain passports of the Republic of Cyprus as part of the program "Citizenship in exchange for investment."

Without naming names, Fedonas Fedonas reported that the Cypriot ambassador in Paris had in Paphos three assistants who "collected antiquities" and then forwarded them for sale to France.

And, finally, the mayor stated that he knew about the origin of money, which will be invested in the development project in Geroskipou. Part of the land for this project will be leased by the Cyprus Church. According to the mayor-pravdoruba, many have heard about this investment project and who is its initiator.

"But no one told us that the gentleman in question is making his money in the porn industry, and at the same time he is a member of the Archbishop's Palace, - quotes Fedonas Fedonos The Cyprus Mail.

Foreign Ministry Response

On Friday, 22 September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus stated that it has no information regarding the cases mentioned by the Mayor of Paphos, speaking on Thursday on the air of Sigma:

- [The Ministry of Foreign Affairs] expects that the mayor of Pafos, if he actually has evidence relevant to the cases mentioned, will inform the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about it.


Reporters Sigma asked the head of the Cyprus Orthodox Church (CHC) Chrysostomos II to comment on the charges of the Mayor of Paphos. During a telephone call on Friday, the Archbishop criticized Fedonas Fedonas for not arriving at the archbishop's palace with the information he had.

- I've known him since childhood ... The doors of my office are always open to him, - the head of the CPC informed the public.

According to the archbishop, the situation that has developed over the past two days is "unacceptable" and is aimed at harming the Church.

- I can answer anyone, but I do not like vulgarityChrysostomos II summarized.

Prosecutor General

Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus Costas Kleridis declined to comment on the charges voiced by the Mayor of Paphos on the air of Sigma. According to him, if Mr. Fedonas has evidence, he should report this to the police and the Prosecutor General's Office.

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