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Merkel studied Playboy before meeting with Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reviewed the interview the US president Donald Trump Playboy magazine before the meeting at the White House. It is reported by The Independent referring to German officials.

In 1990, in room erotic magazine published an interview with Trump, in which he made a number of political theses, and "trying to implement them now as president," the official said online newspaper.

Merkel Team in preparation for the meeting also analyzed the behavior of the American leader during the talks with the prime ministers of Great Britain, Japan and Canada - Theresa May, Abe and Justin Trudeau.

The meeting of the two politicians took place on Friday, March 17, in Washington. During the shooting of the protocol in the Oval Office there was an awkward moment: Trump ignored the handshake procedure before the eyes of journalists. Despite the fact that Merkel asked, "Do you want to shake hands," the US president nodded and continued to smile. It turned out that he had not heard the question the Chancellor. At the same time the leaders shook hands at the time of arrival of Merkel to the White House.

A source: Slow

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