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Merkel expressed support for the continuation of negotiations on the TTIP

Merkel stressed the need to build fair trade relations with the United States, but pointed to the inability to enter into bilateral agreements to bypass negotiations on the EU-US free trade area.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) during the first personal meeting with the President of the United States by Donald Trump on Friday, 17 March advocated the unconditional continuation of negotiations on a free trade zone between the EU and the US, the so-called transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP). At the same time, speaking at a joint press conference with the American leader, the head of the German government stressed that an individual bilateral negotiations between the United States and West Germany can not be considered.

At the same time Merkel stressed the need to build fair trade relations between the US and Germany, noting that the two sides can only benefit from such a relationship. The Chancellor reminded the President of the United States, that EU trade agreements with other countries bring their members many new jobs.

Trump has rejected accusations of isolationism

In turn, the US president, answering the question of agency dpa, rejected accusations of isolationism in international trade. Trump said that is a supporter of free trade, but advocates for justice in trade relations. "Treated unfairly, and this must stop With the United States for many years", - he said. Prisoners earlier trade agreements with Canada and Mexico Trump called "a disaster for America, for producers, and especially for the workers."

Commenting on Germany's trade surplus with the US, which he has repeatedly criticized during the campaign, Trump said: "We want justice, not victory."

A source: DW

Author: Vitaly Kropman

Tags: Merkel, Politics, International Relations, Trump, the US Economy, Trade

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