Today: March 22 2019
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International pharmaceutical companies testing drugs allowed on the Ukrainians

International pharmaceutical companies testing drugs allowed on the Ukrainians

Tags: Ukraine, Medicine, Medicines

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued an order that allowed the American, Swedish and French pharmaceutical companies testing drugs on Ukrainians.

"For the majority of Ukrainians study become the only way to get quality medication and medical attention", - reports TASS with reference to the newspaper "Vesti".

According to the doctor of one of the metropolitan medical institutions, "terminally ill agree to participate as grasping at any chance to recover - they have nothing to lose."

President of the All-Ukrainian Council of protecting the rights of patients Viktor Serdyuk, in turn, noted that the level of poverty in the country "participation in clinical trials - almost the only opportunity to be treated according to European protocols."

The order states that clinical trials in Ukraine will be held 96 kinds of medicines. Officials are allowed to test drugs on cancer patients, patients with rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, pulmonary disease, and schizophrenia.

Studies in the country will be able to make the American company Pfizer, the French company AB Science, a Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Doctor Alexander Bondarchuk, who spent more than 30 diverse clinical studies, told the newspaper that those wishing to participate in trials to find a snap.

"People are attracted by the fact that the participants of the research is very tight control, they get more attention to the physician than normal patients. Plus savings in pharmacy and laboratory - X-rays of all free, electrocardiography. Sometimes, in order to standardize the treatment regimen, give free and all other drugs. Money patients do not pay, but they can offset the cost of a taxi, if the patient is a bad move ", - says Bondarchuk.

Vice-President of the Association of Medical Industry employers' Viktor Chumak does not exclude that in the budget of the pharmaceutical companies money to pay volunteers laid, but they do not reach patients.

"In our reality research sometimes turn into" underground "experiments on patients, since patients can not control the actions of doctors and agree to questionable experiments on their health. Formally, the research participants are protected by the law - the research can not be carried out without the permission of the Ministry of Health and Ethics Committee, established under the health facility. But in fact due to the high level of control of corruption is almost no "- he said.

Former Health Minister Oleh Oleh Musiy expressed a similar view, noting that the country is a question of risk to patients is not fully resolved.

"The issue of insurance patients from the adverse effects of research is still open. Foreign companies understand that the Ukrainian market due to the poverty in the country it may be advantageous to carry out experiments. In addition, such people should, as in Western countries, receive compensation in the event of complications or abuse what we have ", - said the former Ukrainian minister.

Recall also, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine earlier warned of an impending shortage of drugs for HIV-infected.

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