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Microsoft pointed to a giant motivated cyberattacks

Giant cyber attack, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers in a few days around the world, the head of Microsoft has created a truly military metaphors. Getting set up in the NSA program in the hands of hackers, he compared with the hypothetical situation where the Pentagon would have been stolen missiles "Tomahawk". Why is the head of the largest computer corporation decided to press charges against the powerful US intelligence?

Once swept the world of unprecedented scale cyber attacks have become all wonder who could be behind it. This question has remained unanswered. However, in parallel with those searching for information began to appear in the international media that the software tools that have been used in the commission of the attack, were developed US National Security Agency, and then stolen from him by unknown hackers. Later, a similar view was expressed by a former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.

But if the words of Snowden and the press could be called speculation, it looks much more weighty statement of the president of Microsoft Breda Smita. Smith noted that the basis of the code, by which the virus spread WannaCrypt lies EternalBlue code written by experts of the US NSA.

CEO stressed that the United States secret services permanently accumulate and store information about vulnerabilities in software, and develop capacity to use these codes point. He even mentioned the recent publication of WikiLeaks, showing the storage of such data and programs by the Central Intelligence Agency. In this case, Smith pointed out that the state structures stored malicious agents repeatedly flowed into the network, causing significant damage.

In this connection, the businessman said, an involuntary connection is created between the actions of national governments and organized crime, which he called the world's main cyber threats. The hit of programs from the NSA into the hands of hackers, he compared with the situation when the US Department of Defense would have stolen Tomahawk missiles. Smith pointed out that if the US authorities reported disclosure of vulnerabilities in software to development companies, rather than accumulating these data in secret, it would avoid such cyberattacks. He also called for the development at the international level of regulatory measures in the field of cybersecurity, similar to those used for arms control.

It is worth recalling that the massive cyber attack began on Friday. The WannaCrypt virus infiltrated users' computers with phishing links in e-mail messages, and then began to self-propagate itself in local and internal networks. The worm blocks access to files of the infected machine, requiring an unblocking fee (on average 300 dollars) in bitcoins. The first victims were the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal, primarily healthcare, banking and telecommunications. Although only computers with old versions of Microsoft Windows OS were installed and the system updates were disabled, the scale of the attack turned out to be a record: about 200 thousand computers in 150 countries. The greatest number of infections occurred in Russia, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, also significantly affected China. Russian institutions managed to quickly localize the problem with minimal damage.

Against the background of such a scale reproaches Breda Smita addressed the US administration is particularly resonant sound. Of course, he mentioned that an important factor was the widespread use of pirated users and unattended older versions of the OS. However, much emphasis was placed precisely on the dubious role of US intelligence. In addition, this is the first time that Microsoft has publicly confirmed that the malware used in the attack by hackers, have been developed NSA.

This Microsoft «revolt» due to the fact that the company does not want to be at. "The reason (attack) is that Microsoft has a vulnerability, not the fact that it has filed NSA. At NSA work like this - they are looking for vulnerabilities and find it to use it later if something happens. Why Microsoft has this vulnerability, and why they have not found it - that is another question ", - he told the newspaper VIEW Zecurion CEO Aleksey Raevsky. "Here, Microsoft knocks the blame on others. That is not all, of course, great, but, let's say, more blame on the less sick ", - he added.

A similar opinion was expressed by the newspaper VIEW founder of DriverPack Solution Arthur Kuzyakov "bezopasnik from the security services, in any case will always look for ways to hack into these or other operating systems. Bad when hackers in the public domain there are ways of operating these vulnerabilities. "

At the same time, American IT corporations, generally traditionally cooperating with US intelligence agencies, are not the first to express their dissatisfaction with the increased activity of US state structures in the field of information technology. Previously, rebelled Apple, refused to comply with the FBI requirement to develop a means for hacking the iPhone, which belonged to terrorist Said Faruk. In recent years, in the US and in the world, the issue of surveillance, wiretapping and access to personal data of citizens by special services is gaining more and more negative resonance. Such giants as Apple and Microsoft can not help noticing such moods, and therefore try to distance themselves from such activities of state structures, fearing image losses.

The accumulation of the state structures of data on software vulnerabilities and creating malware also can not but cause concern for companies. After the leak of such data is fraught for them not only of image, but also severe financial losses. In addition, the intelligence services are stepping up efforts to force the corporation to dance to their tune, strictly following any of their requirements, also negatively perceived by IT-giants.

CEO Reactive Phone Solutions Ivan Semyonov noted VIEW newspaper that the storage of such data secret services really poses a threat to cyber security. "NSA is not enough that do not report vulnerabilities, it also looks for itself and lays them," - said the expert. Ivan Semenov also pointed out that the agency is also not safe from hackers and penetration, accumulating such data, "laid a time bomb." He added: "What we are seeing with this virus - it is a consequence of the fact that the NSA did not tell anyone anything."
For what tasks are required to Washington malware, as well as information about points of vulnerability? It is difficult here to find some other response options, except for the burglary, access to personal data, installation of surveillance, of shares of influence, etc. "With these vulnerabilities can penetrate any computer and do with it whatever you like..: download information, format the hard drive ", - said Aleksey Raevsky. "They need to track data," - Ivan Semyonov said.

And it is in such activity Americans actively blamed the notorious Russian hackers allegedly working for the government of Russia. Only no evidence linking Moscow to Washington this result and could not. A confirmation of US involvement in such activity come up with surprising regularity. Here and Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the cyber attack occurred, he pointed out that, since the primary source of the virus is the United States, against this background, strange to hear attacks against the Russian Federation.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: Internet, hackers, Research, USA, NSA, Special services

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