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Foreign Ministry of Belarus: Minsk expects the full lifting of sanctions by the EU

Foreign Ministry of Belarus: Minsk expects the full lifting of sanctions by the EU

Tags: Belarus, EU Sanctions Policy

Minsk expects full and unconditional lifting of sanctions by the European Union, Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Mackay on Belarusian television.

"This (partial lifting of sanctions), we consider as an intermediate step. The final step should be a complete cancellation of the relevant restrictive measures, which, of course, led to our cooperation with European partners to a new level, "the statement -privodit Mackay RIA" Novosti ".

He noted that Belarus insists on the unconditional lifting of sanctions. "We clearly tell our partners that no new preconditions, no new conditions for the lifting of sanctions should not be, and Belarus will not do it. We believe that the sanctions should be repealed because they contradict the general logic of interstate relations in the current situation ", - the minister said.

According to him, the time has come to develop a basic document for cooperation between Belarus and the EU.

"The most important thing, I think - we must ensure that we start to build our relations on the basis of a new document, the base document between Belarus and the European Union, because today we are developing our cooperation on the basis of another of the agreements that were signed between the Soviet Union and the European Economic Community, "- said Mackay.

In October, the European Union suspended until the end of February 2016 year sanctions against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenkoi more 170 citizens of the republic.

At the same time, the European Union is completely excluded from the black list for Belarus four companies, in accordance with the decision of the European Court on the suit of the Belarusian billionaire Yuri Chizh.

In late August, the Belarussian president pardoned several convicts opposition, which the West regarded as political prisoners. In particular, he was freed former presidential candidate of Belarus Nikolai Statkevich.

Thereafter, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and the European Union have started to understand each other.

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