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Greece's Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the French Institute in Athens

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed outrage and condemned the attack on the French Institute in Athens, in which the night of February 27 threw several Molotov cocktails.

French Institute is located in the center of Athens. About 4 hours of the night was set on fire by a combustible mixture Institute car, located in the courtyard. The fire caused damage to this car, the fire also damaged another car Institute is located in the parking lot. Fire put out the fire on the two machines. About an hour later, unknown smashed windows and set fire to the offices of the Institute of also using a flammable liquid. The fire was extinguished quickly, but the fire caused material damage.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that "the barbaric and inexplicable act" did not achieve its goal, and the deep-rooted friendship between the peoples of Greece and France and close cooperation between their governments will be strengthened.

A few months ago, unknown people threw a grenade at the French Embassy in Athens. Then he took responsibility for the attack anarchist "organization of revolutionary self-defense."

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Accidents, France

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