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07.03.2017 - 17: 33

German Ministry of Finance: The question of writing off debts of Greece is not relevant

The question of writing off the debt of Greece is currently not on the agenda. This was stated by foreign journalists in Berlin, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

"Debt relief - this is not the topic It is primarily about how to bring the (current) program to the end, to agree on the next tranche.", - He said.

"In May 2016, in the Eurogroup, it was decided that in 2018, we will be ready to discuss other measures are medium-term in nature and if 2018 year, contrary to expectations, there will be a need for additional measures, they may be accepted." - Said Schäuble.

For Greece it is currently running third with 2010 year international program of macro-financial assistance, which keeps the country from defaulting. This program was adopted in 2015, in exchange for the promise of the new reform of the pension system and the privatization of state property. The program of up to € 86 billion euro-zone countries are taking part, they act through the European Stability Mechanism. The IMF is exploring the possibility of connection to the program, but only under the terms of the new restructuring of Greek sovereign debt, which would mean the loss of the European countries of the funds previously granted to Athens in the form of soft loans.

A source: TASS

Author: Mikhail Shcherbakov

Tags: Greece, Debt, Economy, Germany