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The minimum wage in the richest and poorest countries of the EU is different in 9 times

The minimum wage in the richest EU country - Luxembourg - and in the poorest - Bulgaria - varies by a factor of nine. This was reported on Tuesday by the statistical agency of the European Union - Eurostat. According to him, in Luxembourg the minimum wage is € 1999, whereas in Bulgaria - € 235.

The top five countries with the highest minimum wage, in addition to Luxembourg, included Ireland (€ 1563), the Netherlands (€ 1552), Belgium (€ 1532) and Germany (€ 1498). The lowest salaries are in Romania (€ 275), Latvia (€ 380), Lithuania (€ 380) and the Czech Republic (€ 407), respectively.

At the same time, six of the 28 states of the EU do not operate with the term "minimum wage" in their social system. These are Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus, Slovakia and Croatia.

A source: TASS

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