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Greek Minister of Defense: "Turk foot set foot on the Greek Islands"

Minister of National Defense of Greece Panos Kammenos said Turks that "they did not set foot on the foot Greek Islands", and Turkey was rebuffed in the case of new provocations.

So in an interview Skai Minister commented on the statement of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu of the Turks, "if you wanted to get up on Imia, it would have done it." Turkey disputes the Greek membership of the two rocky islets of Imia, dispute over which 1996 year nearly led to armed conflict between the two countries.

"There will be such that they set foot on the Greek island we stop it if they set foot, then see how they will run out."., - Kammenos said.

According to him, the current government of Greece is different from that which was in the year 1996, and it will not back down. "Any provocation will get an answer Cavusoglu We recall that now the Prime Minister is not Simitis and Tsipras, the foreign minister Pangalos and Kotzias, and the Minister of Defence, I am their flag will not fly.." - Kammenos said.

Greece does not respond to verbal calls, but the government will not back down on issues of national sovereignty, Kamenos said that a few days ago to a request to comment on the attacks of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his address said that he considered it beneath his dignity to comment on the Turkish statement.

The Minister also said that all the statements of Turkey designed "domestic consumption" on the eve of the referendum and called to unite the Turkish nationalists, but these actions put Turkey and the region "in a very dangerous situation."

Greek Foreign Ministry in connection with the statements Cavusoglu said that "perhaps he does not understand the technical, legal and political aspects of the problem, and therefore chooses the personal attacks" that "does not contribute to the relations between the two countries and alien political culture." "To each according to its measure," - said in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Greece.

Relations between Turkey and Greece intensified after the Supreme Court refused to give Greece eight Turkish soldiers accused of involvement in a coup attempt in July last year.

Meanwhile, in Greece, February 15 ran two more Turkish soldiers - fighters of special purpose units, which Turkey accuses of direct involvement in the attempt to murder President Tayyip Erdogan. As reported by the Greek Ministry of protection of citizens, "the two Turkish nationals who were arrested in the region of Evros in February 15 2017 years, Greek police found in a safe place."

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, Turkey, International Relations, Defence

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