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The Minister of Transport of Cyprus has resigned

The Minister of Transport of Cyprus has resigned

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Minister of Transport and Public Works of the Republic of Cyprus Marios Dimitriadis announced his resignation. He reported this on his Facebook page "only for friends" on Monday, 12 February. "I decided to leave politics and return as a professional to the private sector," Mr. Dimitriadis explained. "Friends" shared this message with the whole social network.

Marios Dimitriadis was born in Paphos 27 August 1971. Graduated with the highest score of the Faculty of Business, Finance and Economics of the University of East Anglia in 1993. Worked in Piraeus Bank, was a member of the Board of Directors of FxPro. 14 March 2014 year (one year after the coming to power of Nikos Anastasiadis) was appointed to the post of Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works.

46-year-old Dimitriadis thanked the president for his trust in appointing the head of the Ministry of Transport "in difficult times for Cyprus" and the opportunity to join the new Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus, which will begin work 1 March 2018. However, he made his choice in favor of the private sector, completing the "cycle of work" in the Ministry of Transport.

Marios Dimitriadis is the second minister who announced his resignation after the reelection of the head of state. The first was 69-year-old Foreign Minister Ioannis Kassulidis. He confirmed that he will be replaced by the head of the government's press service, Nikos Christodulides. In addition, it is already clear that the heads of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance will leave their posts. The last day of the current Cabinet of Ministers - 28 February.

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Public Works is responsible for the quality of roads, the speed of mail delivery and the smooth operation of the Internet in Cyprus. In addition, it oversees archaeological excavations, the construction of museums and the functioning of ports and airports.

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