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Be a peacemaker to be worthily called the son of God. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (25, 197).

The Savior appealed to the peacekeepers and announced that they would become sons of God, first, staying in peace with themselves and not erecting rebellion, but stopping internal warfare by the fact that the body is conquering the spirit, putting the world in others, living in strife and with it, and together.

No one has the right to indicate to another what they do not have. Therefore, I am surprised with the incomparable generosity of God's humanity. The Lord promises good rewards not only for Trudy and the shedding of sweat, but also for some kind of pleasure, for above all, pleasing us, there is peace, and without it (when it is broken by war) nothing brings joy.

It is well said: the peacemakers "will be called the sons of God" (Matthew 5, 9).

Since He himself, as the true Son, pacified everything by making people an instrument of virtue, heavenly connected with the earthly, rightly said that those who do, if possible, the same will be awarded the same name and raised to the dignity of the sonhood, which is the highest limit bliss. Reverend Isidore Pelusiot (52, 86).

We will honor the gift of the Peacemaker - the world is a gift which, leaving the earth, He left us (John 14, 27) as a kind of farewell pledge. We will know only the abuse - the battle with the force of resistance. ... Let us give in a different kind of smallness, in order to receive in return the most important, that is, unanimity. Let's give victory over ourselves, so that we can win. Look at the charters of the competitions and the exploits of the wrestlers: they often lie down below, triumphing over those who were above. And we will imitate them ... St. Gregory the Theologian (18, 244).

(Apostle) Paul says: "Doing good, let not we faint" (Gal. 6, 9). So we act in domestic affairs: when the two quarrel with each other, taking everyone aside, we give them opposite advice. So did God, so did Moses, who said to God: "Forgive them their sin, and if not, blot out me from your book" (Ex. 32, 32). And the Israelites ordered to kill each other, not even sparing relatives. Although these actions are the opposite of one another, however, both of them tended to the same goal. St. John Chrysostom (41, 391).

"And shoe your feet in the readiness to preach the gospel of the world" (Eph. 6, 15). This is what he called the power of the soul, because by feet we go out to the One who says, "I am the way" (John 14, 6), and we must shoe them in the willingness to preach the gospel of the world. Blessed Jerome. Creations, book. 17 Kyiv, 1903, p. 383.

The holy elders told us this case. One monk came from Skeet to visit his fathers who lived in a place called Kelly, where many monks were in separate cells. Since at that time there was no free cell in which he could have stayed, one of the elders, who had another cell, unoccupied, provided it to the guest. Many of the brothers began to go to the Hebrew, because he had spiritual grace to teach the word of God. He saw this elder, who gave him a cell, and was wounded with envy. He became indignant and said: "I have lived in this place for so long, and brothers do not come to me, is it really rare, and then on holidays, and many brothers come to this flatterer almost daily?" Then he gave this order to his student: "Go tell him to leave the cell, because I need it." The disciple came to the monk and said to him: "My father sent me to your shrine: he heard that you are sick." He thanked and asked the old man to pray to God about him, because he suffered greatly from stomach pains. The disciple, returning to the old man, said: "He asks for your holy things, that you suffer him two days, in which he could find himself a cell." After three days the elder sent the disciple back to the monk: "Go tell him to leave my cell. If he and still postpone his departure, I will come myself and cast him out with a rod. " The disciple went to the waiter and said: "My father was very worried when he heard of your illness; he sent me to find out if you feel better? "He asked me to say:" I thank you, saint, your love! You took so much care of me! By your prayers I feel better. " The disciple, returning, said to his elder: "And now he asks for your holy things, so that you wait until Sunday; then he immediately leaves. " The Sunday day arrived - the Spaniard remained calmly in the cell. The old man, inflamed with envy and anger, seized the staff, went to batter the Titan from the cell. Seeing this, the disciple went up to the old man and said to him: "If you command me, I will go ahead and look: maybe brothers came to him, who, after seeing you, may be tempted." Having received permission, the disciple went ahead and, going in to the monk, said to him: "Now, my father is coming to visit you. Hasten to meet him and thank him, because he does it on the motivation of great heartfelt goodness and love for you. " The Skitan immediately got up and went in greeting of the spirit. When he saw the old man before he approached, he fell to the ground before him, offering worship and thanksgiving: "May the Lord, beloved father, give you eternal blessings for your cell which you gave me for His name! May the Lord Christ prepare you in heavenly Jerusalem between his saints a glorious and bright abode! "The old man, hearing this, was touched with his heart and, throwing his staff, he rushed into the arms of the Spaniard. They gave each other a kiss about the Lord, and the elder invited the guest into his cell to eat together with the thanksgiving of God. Alone, the elder asked his disciple: "Tell me, my son, did you give your brother those words. which I ordered to pass him? "Then the student confessed:" I tell you, Vladyka, the truth: because of my devotion to you father and lord, I did not dare to tell him what you ordered, and did not pass any of your words. " When the old man heard this, he fell at the feet of the disciple and said: "From that day you are my father, and I am your disciple, because Christ delivered my soul and brother's soul from the sinful network through your prudence and actions filled with the fear of God and love". The Lord granted His grace, and all of them remained in the Christ world, delivered by faith, the holy care and the well-intentioned disciple. Loving the old man with his perfect love for Christ, he was very much afraid that his spiritual father, carried away by the passion of envy and anger, would not fall into a misdemeanor that would destroy all his labors taken over from his youth in serving Christ for the sake of Eternal Life. Father (82, 430-432).

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