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Metropolitan of Damascene Velesinsky: Our rulers are separated from God

In the church of the holy martyr Kiriakia of the Athens district of Galatsi solemnly celebrated the feast day. Many holy believers gathered to honor the holy Kyriakia, the Greek portal "Romphea" reported.

On the eve of the feast, the evening service was led by Metropolitan Damascene of Veles. He was assisted by the rector of the church of St. Kyriakia Fr. Athanasius Karitsis and clerics of the Athenian Diocese.

At the end of the service, Metropolitan Damaskin delivered a sermon: "Turning to the life of St. Kyriakia, we are amazed at the young age in which she suffered. The saint showed herself to be truly a man of God. She glorified the name of the Lord, confessing Christ before the emperor Maximian and suffering from the master of torment. "

Metropolitan Velestinsky stressed: "We admire the faith of St. Kyriakia, her self-sacrifice, patience and works of virtue. We call for her intercession before God. We must resort to God with prayer, and those who are persevering will receive what they ask of Him. The one who patiently knocks on the door will find what he needs. "

"We live in difficult times," continued Vladyka Damaskin. "Our rulers separate themselves from God and seek to alienate Him and us from you. Like the holy martyr of Kyriakia, we must stand in faith with trust in God and trust in His Providence. "

In conclusion, Metropolitan Velestinsky said: "Our rulers want to reform the content of the school subject" religious studies. " Scary business! The old subject told the children about Christ, and according to the new program the schoolchildren will tell that all the peoples of the world believe in the same deity. "

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Education, Government

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